Tuesday, September 12, 2017

As the clock moves forward...

The simple things in life make me happiest.

Bill and I took a leisurely stroll through the interior walking path at Francis Park, alongside a shallow lagoon. When we first met, we used to walk the perimeter of this park three times...almost three miles every Sunday. First lap we walked side-by-side, second lap hand-in -hand, and the third time, his arm wrapped around my shoulder, me tucked under his arm. We were a perfect fit 28 years ago. 

 This pretty lily pad and the gold fish swimming about brought such a peaceful joy, a soothing calm.

This fragrant bush in one of my late friend's favorite color made me think of Millie. I remembered the fun we used to have together, her favorite song, her laughter. The summer of our discontent.
The doctor says my honey and I need to exercise more. When I suggested strolling through this park, Bill said, "Why do you always wait until after I eat to ask me to walk? That's bad for my heart."

I replied, "I think the ice cream is bad for your heart." And he retorted, "Yours, too." LOL
Midway around the inner path, my king found a work-of-art throne where he could sit and rest.

Those were the days when we could hustle around the park three times. We were getting to know one another then, discovering each other's likes and dislikes. Our similarities.  Yes, we were a perfect fit back then.  And I'm happy to say, we still are...albeit a bit heavier, happier, older... yet still content.


Cathy C. Hall said...

Well, that was just beautiful, Linda. And even if you can't manage those three mile strolls anymore, Bill looks to have a pretty good lap.

There's always just sitting (and letting him enjoy the view). ♥

tracboy2 said...

Great pics & wonderful words to accompany them.

Sandi said...

"And I'm happy to say, we still are...albeit a bit heavier, happier, older... yet still content."


Cool "throne"!

Val said...

The king, perched upon his throne? I thought he was more of a jester!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Val is right, Linda. Bill is a jester.

(And I thought Sas's favorite throne looked quite different than this one. Lots more porcelain?)

Susan said...

I think the relationship between you and your honey is a match made in heaven, Linda. You make each other laugh and that is wonderful medicine for whatever ails you! Susan

K9friend said...

Gotta love the throne your king found. Very sweet post.


roth phallyka said...

I thought he was more of a jester!