Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Christmas is three months away. How about a book and some dark chocolate?

I am proud to announce my story will be included in this book. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Toys for Tots Marine Corp campaign. 

That makes 27 Chicken Soup for the Soul books in which my stories have been published.  

This is our  (almost) 18 year old granddaughter, Morgan. She made me laugh out loud when she came to visit us the other day. I offered her and her girlfriend, a snack, a cookie or something sweet, maybe some chocolate. She laughed and said, "You know what, Nana? When I was younger, I remember you told me that dark chocolate is healthy for you and it helps put you in a good mood. So I kept a chunk in the freezer, and when I was...well, let's just say, I'd go to the freezer and nibble a bite in the mornings." 
Now if that isn't proof that kids are listening... even when it seems they don't hear you. 


Val said...

Congrats on another successful effort! I meant the book, but it applies to the granddaughter as well! Aww...she's so cute! Probably not what an almost-18-year old girl wants to hear, though, being practically grown up and all.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Congrats. I guess they're late letting me know MY story got accepted into that anthology?

Morgan is a lovely young lady. Since she isn't a hairy Sasquatch, I am ASSuming she is a granddaughter on your side and not Sas's...

Susan said...

Oh Linda, that is wonderful that you have been published in 27 Chicken Soup books. Very, very commendable. Congratulations! And your granddaughter is darling. Susan

Chatty Crone said...

Congrats on all those stories!
That is wonderful how your granddaughter (pretty) listened to you.
I know I have asked for your email - and I saved it somehow - but I can't find it!! I know it is connected with another name - would you send to me one more time? I have to save it somewhere where I remember! lol

Janet, said...

Hi, Linda. Wow! Congratulations on getting your story in one of the Chicken Soup books, again. Lovely granddaughter and I also love dark chocolate.

Lynn said...

Congrats! And I've scrolled down reading the rest of the blogs that I haven't read yet... still not finished, but loving them all. You are so prolific with your writing--an inspiration!

K9friend said...

Chocolate? Yes, please!

Congrats on having such a lovely granddaughter, and another publication!


roth phallyka said...

I guess they're late letting me know MY story got accepted into that anthology?