Friday, September 1, 2017

Whose joy ride did I pay for?

I have been remiss in keeping up with my blog and others because I have been enamored with a newborn, dealing with car repairs, and trying not to "Oohh" and "Oww" too much when I sit, lie down, or stand.

My honey and I went to lunch at a restaurant Monday, and I slipped in an unseen water spill, went down hard on my hip, elbow, knee. The paramedics said, "Nothing broken, just banged up good." Understatement: "You will be sore."

A nurse friend told me I'd be surprised at all the muscle strains. I can tell you I am  glad for the padding. If ONLY I had landed on my bottom. My left side below my hip is black, my knee is a beautiful blend of purples and blues. But I am healing. Can;t keep this old gal down.

I dropped off my rental car at the dealership to pick up my car after repairs. Short story: I got way too excited as we hurried to the hospital for Alex's birth. I plowed into my daughter's Mustang which was parked behind me.  The story that will grow over the years.

Anyway, my cars is good as new. I left the dealership and went to a store across the street. Going home, ten miles away, I spied the rental car, (identifiable by the out of state license plate I memorized) and observed a young woman recklessly driving it.

I called the dealership and asked about the gasoline refill charge since I chose and option with the car rental company to replace the gas at $2.00 per gallon regardless of  increase. The receptionist said, "The car rental manager just picked up the car. I can give you her number."

I asked the "driver" how my gasoline fees and usage would be billed. She said, "Our computer shows the car arrived with 3/4 tank of gas."

I told her I have photos of the mileage and gauge which shows the tank only half full, and I used only a quarter tank. When I mentioned someone driving the car shortly after I dropped off, she changed her tune and said, "Well, let me see if I can adjust this down." And she did. How many other people have been duped?

Pretty slick, that I would have to pay for her joy ride.


Sandi said...

That was pretty shifty of her. Glad you caught her! ;)

Get well yourself time. Glad you did not break anything!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--I'm glad you didn't break a leg or an arm. Yeah, the older we get, the more "colorful" we get when we fall.

Val said...

Glad you're okay! That's how my grandma broke a hip in a restaurant. Then the doctor wouldn't do surgery on it until she had heart surgery. All because she went out to eat!

Good for you, straightening out those crooked car people!

Connie said...

I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. That sounds like it was a pretty painful fall. Glad to hear your car has been fixed too. With all the excitement of a new baby in the family, it is understandable that something like that could happen. Have a nice holiday weekend!

Chatty Crone said...

Glad you caught the girl - I feel about a month ago - we have to be careful! Sorry about your accident. sandie

Susan said...

Oh Linda. What a great idea it was to take a photo of the gauge in your car. Honestly, there are shysters everywhere, I guess. So sorry about your fall. I know the times I fell, repercussions showed up months (and even years) later. Sad but true. Hope you heal nicely. Have a super weekend. Susan

Pat Wahler said...

It's good you caught it. How awful that part of doing business is making sure the company doesn't cheat you.