Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chesterfield Arts Reading Series

The literary event tonight at Chesterfield Arts was very enjoyable. W.E. Mueller read from his book of short stories, Peaches and Cream. Bill's stories are engaging, edgy, evocative, immediately drawing the listener/reader in. I can't wait to read his "16 Stories ... with Crime ... with Zach Bannister,P.I. ... with Humor & Love.

Likewise, Marcel Toussaint gave an excellent reading of his poems; many were from his book, Poetry of a Lifetime. He wrote a personal poem for a special woman in the audience. Kimberly, a personable flight attendant, was most appreciative of Marcel's poem. She shared a little insight with me about, From Logan to Logan. I'm still smiling.


Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

There is so much to do with literature, almost every night, in St. Louis nowadays! I wish I could get to everything, but then I would get no work done. Anyway, it's pretty great. Catherine believes STL is becoming more and more important--that our writers community will resonate in a larger way. Exciting to think about, eh?

Pat Wahler said...

I've met Marcel several times at a friend's home in Chesterfield. He certainly is an interesting fellow!