Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Take time. Make time. NOW is the time!

I recently read the best writer's advice, but I can't remember if it was on line or in a book. "They say you can't take your treasures with you when you die. But your life story is the one treasure that you do take with you if you don't write it."

Okay folks, get busy. Take fifteen minutes out of your busy day to free write memories. Don't say, "If I only had the time." As Erma Bombeck said, "Time is fleeting." So make time, take time. Now is the time! The moment is all any of us actually have.
*If you only have an extra minute, use it to say something nice.
*If you only have an extra five minutes, write a love note to someone or yourself.
*If you have an extra fifteen minutes write a line or two about the day, your goals,your angst, your hopes and dreams. Seeing it instead of thinking it is a great motivator.
*If you have an extra half hour, free write about what is on your mind. When I was in college we had to turn in a class journal. One of my best entries went something like this: What does this guy want from me? My topics seem dumb; who writes about the grass? Then I proceeded to write about the greening up of my lawn and life. I never intended to write that. Stories evolve from aggravation not just inspiration.
*If you have an extra hour, GO FOR IT! Don't waste time, don't procrastinate. Write. Right now!


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, Linda! Thanks for the "push."

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're a prolific writer and a good one at that! And you're, well, write.

So, Gerry Mandel is a good guy, isn't he? He's been my friend and mentor for a few years now, since we were on the board of Cinema St. Louis together. I really like your blog and am quite impressed with your credits, and a tad bit envious. Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog, A Woman With a Past, and if you see fit, tell your friends to check it out. I'm trying very hard to get published. I'd love to meet you and talk shop sometime. I'll provide the chocolate. Jean Whatley,

Best regards and Happy 2010!

K9friend said...

You are so "write", Linda. That's something I enjoy about narrative makes you not only think about the events in your life, but also find meaning from them.

Julia said...

Good advice.