Sunday, January 3, 2010

Embark on Your Own Literary Dig

With the new year into it's third day, I believe it's time to dust off old musings, rants, poems, essays and start anew. I just spent an hour looking at my old files and stumbled across a few rocks that if polished could turn into gems. I decided to resurrect one that I thought I had long buried. At the time I wrote it the emotions were too raw, and boy did I write from the heart and shoot from the lip. By putting some time between readings, I have a different persepctive. Instead of viewing this as a vent piece, I now see it as a possible literary magazine piece. Before the week is over, I challenge you to delve into your computer, desk drawer, or into your old journals and notebooks, and embark on your own literary-archaelogical quest. See what you can dig up and at least rework one piece. Submitting might result in publication, so don't let it get buried again.

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Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

Yes, I have been doing this myself. Sometimes, I find old things I liked in the moment, and realize they are garbage. Other times, there are some little jewels in the rough. That's exciting.