Monday, January 25, 2010

Snickers and eavesdropping

Monday came and went. The most interesting things today were the conversations I overheard. The first was between a group of four and five year olds. The boys complained to one another that Mary A is too bossy. The girls gathered around and asked the boys, "How can you say such a thing about her? Yeah! how could you? You're supposed to be her friend!" One girl said, "Teacher, he's saying Mary A is too BOPPY!" Mary A smiled and stood with hands on hips, like I used to when I was her age. She's going to be in charge for real one of these days.

I went out to lunch and overhead two middle aged men. "My son called and said he was getting married and asked me if I had a down payment for his house. I told him to get a second job.

The other guy said, "My son called and said, 'Dad, I know you have a college fund for me, so can I have some of it to buy a car?' I told him, 'Son, the lawyer who kept your butt out of jail has your college fund; get a job.'"

I like eavesdropping; only problem is when I snicker for no apparent reason, people think I'm snockered.

I made second cut at Reading Writers. The winning entries have been narrowed form 388to 40. One week till the winner is announced. Good luck Donna and Cathy.

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Bookie said...

I think hearing other people's conversations is a specialty of writers...or is it women? I am always hearing things my DH does not. We ate breakfast in a tiny local spot in Vermont once. I came out talking about the Catholic women in town being unhappy with how the bingo night was being run, what they said to the priest, and about the man who hit a moose and how he got the meat taken care of...DH asked me if I made all that up. Nope! Just soaked it up like a sponge!