Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two perspectives on this bitter cold

Two Perspectives
7:00 a.m. Woo-hoo, no school! Bill and I shoveled the driveway and a path to the mailbox. I cooked a big breakfast told myself I would take a shower sometime today and get out of my nightgown ... as soon as I finish this story; check these blogs, read these emails. One story and four personal letters later, the noon news was broadcasting the horrific events of today. I walked out to the mailbox hoping for good mail. Sheesh the junk mail wasn't worth the walk to the curb. I took a lukewarm shower because even the water is chilled. Bill said, "It's really-really cold." I acted tough and said, "This is nothing. I lived in Alaska. The winters were brutal, fifty below, my exhaled words froze like cartoon clouds. The wind whipped so hard it ripped the roll-out windows off the trailer we lived in." He rolled his eyes.

Today feels like one of those winter days. I have the furnace blasting, and an electric heater toasting my toes and I still can't get warm. Plus I've been munching junk all day.

7:00 a.m. Woo-Hoo no school! "Mom, what time is Dad getting home?" This phrase repeated a dozen times during the day. At four o'clock he and his dad, my son, knock on our door looking like arctic mountain climbers wearing plastic goggles and invite us to go sledding at Art Hill. "Come on, Nana,Pa-pa you'll have so much fun. I have three sleds and a ski board for you..."
I smile at him and say, "You and Daddy have a good time. Call and tell us all about it."

When did I get this old and cold?

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BECKY said...

Hey Linda, I'm with you!! Sounds like you and I spent similar days today! I didn't even venture out to the mail box, though, because I didn't know if the mail truck had actually stopped or not. What ever is in it can wait til tomorrow!
Loved your description of your winters in Alaska!