Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nature's gifts

One morning I awoke to a sudden, five minute shower just before daybreak. And then suddenly the sky was aglow with this brilliant rainbow. The colors were stunning. With the promise of a new day, we decided to walk a trail at the park before the temperature climbed to 100 degrees.

This heat has taken its toll on vegetation; our tomatoes have rotted on the vines, the flowers are withering, and so, imagine my surprise to find this single, beautiful flower poking out of the parched earth, under a tree along the trail.

In the quiet of the early morning, we saw a small snake sunning itself in a ray of sunshine. Then we came upon these deer, so close we could see one another's eyes. We simply looked at one another, and then they returned to grazing. It was awesome.

We returned to the car thinking about all of nature's gifts, and I received one more blessing. There in the gravel lay this dime, a gift from my dad in heaven. A few years ago I had a story about dimes from Dad published in Remincse Magazine(The Carousel Ride). When I was a little girl, he used to toss pennies in the grass for my brother and me to find. (He thought we didn't know, so we played along.) Whenever we found a dime, it meant we could ride the merry-go-round carousel horses at Chain of Rocks Amusement Park. Now when I find a dime, I say, "Hi, Dad." I find them everywhere!

So even though my computer has been on the fritz, and my life seemed topsy turvy without internet, I realize that I received far greater gifts than any old computer could deliver. These were hand delivered from God.

Be on the lookout for blessings. It is the little things in life that matter.

I will be busy writing and trying to get caught up, so bear with me if I don't post frequently this week.


Susan said...

What a great post and photos, Linda. The deer picture is fabulous...I enlarged it on my screen so I could really look at it. And imagine finding that dime from your dad! What a fabulous walk you had that day. Wowsers. Susan

Bookie said...

A lovely post...and I loved the story about your dad throwing dimes in the grass!

Tammy said...


Chatty Crone said...

It is the small things of life that are the most wonderful! sandie