Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blue on blue

On Sunday evening I launder and change my bedclothes. I have just tucked two blue, very soft, plush blankets on my bed, one on top of the bottom sheet, and one as a top sheet. Freshly laundered an hour ago with that Downy scent, they are softer than a newborn's cheek, warmer than a parka, and they induce sleep. They hold in our body heat, and I am grateful for them. I cocoon between these two blankets for about four MONTHS. I have a love-hate relationship going on here. I love to go to bed, and I hate it that at 7:00 p.m. I am considering it. I am reading Toni Morrison's novel, Song of Solomon. That woman can write! It would be delightful on this cold winter eve to crawl under those covers and indulge in that book. But before I say good night, let me share my literary news.

I received two requests from two different writer sites for interviews and also a suggestion that I propose an anthology title and co edit it. I've also been invited to be a part of a focus group round table this week; the results will impact children in St. Louis but not through the school system. Can't say more just yet.

I wrote an essay this afternoon about the color blue, and yes, my blankets were a part of the story. There are three shades of blue that do a number on me like no other color can. Those of you who know I love the beach, can guess that turqouise is one of the hues. I shall share my essay with anyone who wishes to read it, but I can't post it here yet in case it is selected for publication.

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Sounds like you are getting very popular. You deserve it.