Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thing One, Thing Two, Thing Three

I feel like I am starring in the Abbott & Costello bit, Who's on First?

I called and set up an appointment for a painless bone density screening next week at 4:00 p.m. The receptionist asked for the doctor's order number.

I called my doctor for an order number. The doctor's receptionist said I needed an appointment with the doctor. NO, I explained that in October, the doctor told me to call the office in Jan. to request an ORDER for the procedure.

So she told me to call the bone denisty office back and to tell them to call her.

The bone denisty receptionist calls me back. "The doctor's receptionist asked if I would be doing the procedure and when I told her, No I was the schedueler, she said she couldn't give ME the order number. I told her we can't schedule the proceduure without the number."

I called the doctor's office back. They transferred me to scheduling. The new gal says, "You need to call your doctor to set up an appointment." I want to bang my head on the wall.

I explained that the bone density screening appointment has already been scheduled and all they need is approval and an order number which the doctor approved in October.

"Let ME take care of this!" # 1 irritated receptionist says to me about irritated receptionist #2. They both have said, "I'll get back to you. Today. OR tomorrow."

It is 3:30 and this comedy has been going on since noon.

Did I mention that I also called the eye doctor because I am seeing flashes of light and nobody here is flicking any lights.

Receptionist # 3 says, "Let me see if I can squeeze you in. I'll call you back."

She calls me back. "Yes! I can get you in at noon.

I'll probably miss the other two receptionists' phone calls. No wonder I am seeing lihtning bolts.

This painless procedure is giving me a giant pain in the ...

All I want to know is if my bones are as brittle as my mind which is about to break!

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