Thursday, August 15, 2013

Some teachers!

Tonight is Open House at preschool. I am excited to meet my new students and their parents.
Someone sent me an old joke which made me laugh out loud.

Preschool teacher goes around room asks seated parent and child to introduce themselves.

She says to first mom, Welcome Mrs. Jones. Your child is named Penny. Obsessed with money, are you?

To second parent: "Well, Miss Taylor, I'm glad to meet Candy. Food addict huh?

To third mom: Welcome Mrs. Smith. Brandy is a cutie. Closet boozer, are we?

At that, a mom in the room jerks her kid by the hand, stumbles down the aisle and runs for the door, "Come on Dick, let's get out of here."


Daisy said...


Good luck at open house! I hope it goes well. :)

K9friend said...

LOL! That's a good one, Linda. Some people don't think about (or don't care) what it will do to their child when they come give them some weird name.
"You get in this house right now, Moon Star Rising!"

Critter Alley

Val said...

You know you're going to be thinking about that when the parents introduce their kids.

Sioux said...

VERY funny, Linda. That should keep you chuckling this evening...

I hope your Open House goes well.

thisisme said...

Ha ha!! You ARE silly !! But it really made me smile.

Susan said...

Hi Linda....That was a funny one.

Thanks for all your visits while I was entertaining guests. I really appreciated your faithfulness in stopping by and commenting, too. You are the best! Susan