Monday, October 4, 2021

Change is coming

 It seems I have lost some loyal blog followers. I hope my family pics and posts didn't bore them to tears or scare folks away. I believe what is meant to be will be in all aspects of life.  

Summer is sashaying right on out of here, and fall is putting on a preview of what's to come in a few more weeks. This is my favorite season to be outdoors. I hope to get in a few more steps and read another book outdoors. I like it that I have to wear a lightweight sweater in the mornings and evenings.

I notice change in the my the world. I worry and wonder, but in the end I try to live my life by the words in this plaque. 

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Interspecies communication

My nightmare started lasted Sunday and continues with my close loved one, who ended up hospitalized with serious illness, and has a long uphill battle and future surgery. I can share details with you on private messenger but not on social media. I ask you for continued prayers for healing.

To top it off, hubby and I both developed bronchitis and were unable to visit in person at the hospital. It was horrible trying to speak (cough-cough, hawk it up) on the phone.

I called our new, young, doctor's office. His nurse claimed he wasn't seeing SICK patients. WHAT?! I begged for an over-the-phone prescription for my honey, as his condition was worsening, and he has a history of bronchitis, and it's all in his files at the doctor's finegrtips. 

She returned to the phone and said the doctor insisted on a Covid test to rule it out. Said we should have results within 36 hours.

I told the nurse he would develop pneumonia by then and begged for antibiotics. She said she'd pass on the info. If he worsened to go to Urgent Care. 

We drove to nearby county, waited in long drive through line for the Covid swab, and then stopped by our pharmacy in hopes the doctor was merciful and had called it in meds and inhaler. YES!

That night another nurse called to say, "The doctor has approved the prescriptions and you can pick them up now."

I told her thank you, we had picked them up in the afternoon. Because of my coughing spells, it  was better when I communicated by text. My finger tips are sore from hunting and pecking on my cellphone keyboard all week. 

Yesterday afternoon, I sat on the patio, sipping tea and slow-tapping one sentence at a time. Click click click, click-click-click. Pause. 

I heard an echo: Click click click click-click-click, pause.

A neighbor's granddaughter was visiting and playing with a tennis racket. I thought she was imitating my morse code typing. It continued. Every time I typed on my phone (volume high) I heard the echo. She went inside. It continued. Some neighbor was mimicking me sound-for-sound. I was getting irritated.

I laid my phone down on the patio table and saw the source of my echo. A fat little chipmunk sat under the table matching me click for click with its little mouth. I must have been communicating something. This little chunky chipmunk eats dropped bird seed from the feeder and scampers when it sees us. 

This was too cute!

Now as if life events weren't bad enough, my adult son called to say he had been camping with his dad, and they had been rearended, pushed into the car in front of them. Not seriously injured but vehicle damage.
Next phone call reported a life altering event: another family member rushed by ambulance to hospital for emergency surgery. They say when it rains it pours. There is something to that cliche. 

And obviously to my click-click keyboard typing.