Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Simple pleasures~

Today was a relaxing, do-what-I-want-to-do day. I had breakfast with a friend. We laughed and talked for three hours, sat outdoors at Bread Co. and watched people come and go. A middle-aged woman with a fake orange tan and rings on every finger, joyously embraced a man whose face was etched with life's struggles. He appeared to be her brother. She raised her blouse to show him a gunshot wound on her belly. Yikes! They sat and talked and chain-smoked for an hour.

Then, when they left, an elderly couple sat down at the same table. He took his sweetheart's hand, leaned in and proposed, but she shook her head NO and mentioned Social Security. He tried and tried unsuccessfully to persuade her. Were they old flames? New loves?

After they left, a van double parked, and an older man helped his wife, who appeared to be in the late stages of cancer, to a chair at that table. She wore a bandana, a grim, pained expression and an adult diaper which was exposed at her waistline. I so wanted to go tug her shirt down for her. She wore red socks, no shoes, and after her husband parked, he helped her shuffle inside to order. A bite of soup to keep her strength up? Perhaps her last wish for her favorite food????

Everybody has a story. Sitting outside this morning was like reading snippets of three books. It made me realize that everyday is a gift and the people who come into my life even for a moment, weave meaning into my day, make me aware of my vulnerabilities, and make me grateful for my health, husband, home, family and friends.

This afternoon I swam with my son and his family. Seeing his children is like experiencing my children at that age all over again. It is such a simple pleasure.

Then, Bill and I went to watch his 9 year old granddaughter, Morgan play baseball. She caught a fly ball in mid air over her head. It rolled off her head, down her neck and back and into the dirt. We laughed so hard; even she had to laugh. It reminded me of the first time I bowled, dropped the ball and it went backwards.

This wonderful breezy weather added to the beauty of my day.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tammy is Tops!

T'Mara Goodsell is an absolute gem, good friend and great writer who read my novel and gave me feedback. She said "Some books I can take a little of each day, like a V-8, and some I have to pig down all at once like chocolate cake. Your book is cake." That is the highest compliment! Thank you Tammy.

Last evening Bill and I went to Carondelet Park for a free concert. Aw, the weather was beautiful. We enjoyed the band, Fanfare, and we also enjoyed watching the colorful characters in the park. Did you ever sit and watch someone and make up details of their life story? Maybe it's just the writer in me.

Well, I have to go look in the mirror, point my finger in my face and say through the toothpaste, "Woman, you have two days to submit 7 more things!"

It has been a very hot, harried June and my submission calendar is sparse, but I will do it!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moving out and moving in

I am in my second day of a cleaning frenzy, scouring everything in sight. Guess I'll refer to this as my belated spring cleaning. Geeze the things you can find under a couch cushion!

My granddaughter will find out what this is all about soon. I can't believe it, Ashley and Justin are getting an apartment at the end of next month. Nana's girl is grown up, almost 20. She will be living half way between our house and her work and college. I am happy for her and wish her the very best.

I remember when I was 18, and we rented an apartment in a four family flat on Juniata near Grand in South St. Louis. It was a few weeks before the wedding. The landlord looked at us like we were criminals. "You aren't married, and you kids want to live together?!"

We hadn't even considered that! We assured him that we wanted to clean the place and fix it up like a doll house, get married, and then move in. We had to show him our marriage license. Times have sure changed.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Can't believe EVERYTHING you read~

My friend and fellow writer, Katie Shanahan, opened a craft store in Soulard at 1009 Russell Blvd. called PASTE. It is a delightful litle nook with all sorts of scrapbooking supplies, jewelry, and hand crafted cards and goodies. I wish her tremendous success. Stop by and look above the checkout counter at her clear acrylic bucket lamp filled with... Go see it!

I googled my name and was stunned by two references to two of my stories. One was a complete Chicken Soup story written in Chinese as well as English. The author stated that the story was originally printed in Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul, printed with my permission. Both of those statements are false. It was printed in Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul.

Also, a blogger on a gardening site mentioned my recent story, Grandpa's Garden, published in the Ultimate Gardener. Although she raved about it, she got all the details wrong; said I took my sons to Grandpa's. Actually our granddaughter and grandson were at our house playing in Grandpa's Garden.

Incidentally, this week I received a personal note from our senator who wrote that he enjoyed reading the article written in The Call about Grandpa's Garden. He said it reminded him of fond memories of his grandma's garden. That was really a nice surprise.

Just a few more days until Chicken Soup June story deadlines. Check it out.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

9:30 p.m.

All these Hollywood deaths bring it close to home, which reminds me to live one day at a time by the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. It is sad to think of the immediate family members, not to mention the fans of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. The world has so much sadness and mourning. My friend just lost her mother; another friend's mom is dying, another friend's husband is terminal. Heck, LIFE is terminal. So let's all do an unexpected kindness for someone else.

When my number's up, shed a tear, then wipe your eyes. I want people to be happpy and laugh and share crazyy stories and happpy memories about me. Make it a party!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

Whew! Finally! The end! Kaput! I'm finished with another school year. Today was picnic/preschool graduation in the park from 10-noon, complete with a dozen kiddie carnival games and lots of prizes for the children. The temperature hovered in the high 90's and I wilted fast, but it was worth the effort and near heat exhaustion to see the joy on the childrens' faces. I like seeing my former students,(siblings of current students), and I am grateful for such generous parents who presented me with a variety of gift cards.

I darted home for a shower, then had lunch with two favorite teacher friends at TGI Friday's. Our waitress was quite entertaining. When we reached for a full bottle of ketchup on another table, she said, "Caught you! See, that's why you shouldn't carry purses and why I wear cargo pants, so I can sneak out with ketchup, silverware, salt & pepper shakers, glasses from J Bucks, etc." She let us in on her other secrets too. She said she dated an exotic dancer, and she informed us that most exotic dancers are gay. I don't think she meant happy.

Then I went home and took a short nap! Woke up with an awesome feeling of freedom, like taking off my socks and tennis shoes and running barefoot in the grass. I'm happy ... and I don't mean gay.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An Honor

Monday I drove to Mizzou in Columbia, MO for a banquet and an excellence in teaching award. I was nominated by one of my former students as her most influential teacher. Such an honor! It was great to see Abby again; she has grown up to be such a beautiful and brilliant young woman. It was a long day and a long drive, but well worth it. I got home before midnight. Imagine if I had stayed until the concert was over.

As I drove, my body was behind the wheel, but the scenery caused my mind to wander into a poem. I traipsed through knee-high clover all the way back to childhood, laughed through waist-high fields of Queen Anne's lace; delicate, white floral heads bobbing in the summer sun, and I smiled at clusters of orange, floral trumpet vines blaring memories of grasshopper chases as I tried to capture Lazy Elmer, the main character in all of Dad's stories. "You'll know him when you find him; he'll spit tobacco juice into the palm of your hand." Oh that story-telling dad of mine!

I recalled a day when I was very young, riding in the car with my parents travelling the same road. I heard my mother say, "Look over there at the hand of God." I popped up from the mattress in the back of Dad's old panel truck to see Him. "WHERE is God!" I wanted to know. I expected to see the long-haired man in the long flowing robe, the one whose photo hung in my Sunday school class. Wow! Would I have news to tell the kids at school.

"Look in that field over there!" Dad said.

All I saw was a field of uncut hay swaying rythmically in a strong breeze, but both of my parents rambled on and on about how the hand of God was orchestrating the tempo. I laid back down. Disappointed. Thinking I was so much smarter than my parents even as a little girl.

Now, I know what they meant. As twilight's faint glow sillhouetted the land, I thanked God for allowing me to have lived so long, taught so many students and impacted so many young lives in my 32 years of teaching.It has been an honor. It is 6:30 a.m. and I have to get ready. It is my last day of this school year.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kids and Parents

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, especially to my husband who is the best dad/stepdad ever.

Thirty-nine years ago today I was in Fairbanks, Alaska at Ft. Wainwright. I was a patient in Bassett Army Hospital, my belly inflated nine months, willing my first baby to be born. In 1970, same as today, Father's day and my mother's birthday fell on the same day. I so wanted the baby to be born June 21st. I can recall that day like it was yesterday. I can still hear the clinking of the dime in the hospital lobby pay phone slot as I made a long distance call ... and reversed the charges. Kids! Huh? My daughter, who has always wanted to do things her way, was born on the 24th. Kids! Huh?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day

I'm feeling a little melancholoy as Father's day approaches. It seems everywhere I look lately, I see older men wearing suspenders. It reminds me of my step-dad, Jim, who would whip out his pilot's license (from when he was in the Navy as a young man) and talk a stranger's ear off about it. In his later days, he could barely shuffle around in his slippers, navy blue work pants, blue chambray shirt and suspenders. But he could still whip out that pilot's license.

My dad, Willard, was silly, childish at times, a gambler, a Jack of all trades but master of none, and the first man who ever made me laugh or cry. He was the greatest story teller ever! May they both rest in peace.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another birthday party

Pool party this evening for 10 year old grandson, Sean. Noisy children running through the house and splashing in the pool. I did not eat any cake or ice cream. I didn't know I had that much will power!

Seems like it was only yesterday when Bill held his newest grandson right after he was born. His eyes widened; he motioned me to come out to the hall. He said,"There's something wrong with this baby. He doesn't have any legs." He was serious and very worried. "Did they tell his mom and dad yet? No one seems very concerned."

I asked what he was talking about. He told me to touch the blanket. The nurse had swaddled the baby who had his little newborn 'froggy legs' still drawn up. I laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks. Bill didn't think it was too funny. But even today, it makes me smile thinking about it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Nights

Summer, yay! I sat outside this evening and finished a book. The trickling of my miniature water fountain has such a calming effect. When I was a child, my mom used to put my brother and me to bed at 8:00, no matter that the sun was still beating down. My dad would sit outside and play guitar and sing those old Hank William's honky-tonk songs with the neighbor who played the accordian.

Sometimes on late summer evenings just as the sun slinks away, I hear the faint wail of Dad's singing and strumming.

I remember how the sweat rolled off my forehead and also trickled down my back as I tried to go to sleep on those hot summer nights in the 50's when the fan only moved hot air around. Regardless of how high the temperature climbed, I always tucked my feet in, afraid that somebody under my bed would grab my feet.

I am so grateful for my air conditioned home. It is nearly 10:00 p.m. and I am going to let my feet hang over the edge of the bed! Goodnight.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Old friends, good food

There was a birthday party going on, and therefore open mike at The Mack was less than desirable. The juke box was cranked so loud that enjoying the readings in 'our room' was impossible. I realize they have to cater to the booze buying partiers, but we spent money on food. I do not eat read meat except once a month at The Mack. They have superb barbequed pork steaks. I enjoyed seeing old friends: Patsy, Julia, Lynn, Becky, Denise and Amanda. Where were you Lisa? We should do a girl's night or afternoon.

Today the children painted their self-portraits on large paper outdoors. If I were to paint mine, I'd have a wide smile and outstretched arms, because I am so happy I have only a few days of school left; I am welcoming the end, embracing summer vacation!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Changing times

This weather is making me crabbby. It ticks me off that White Castle is hawking barbeque pork sandwiches, and Jack in the Box is selling Chinese food, and Taco Bell is selling pizza! I walked into the bakery which sells only pastries, and they are selling soup! In this economy, I know you have to think out of the box, but by golly stick with what I know: White Castle belly bombers, Jack in the Box tacos.

That sun better come out soon! Rain is getting to me...obviously.

Going to the Mack tonight to read at Open Mike. Hope to see you there.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sixteen candles~

Sixteen years ago today, Bill nearly popped the buttons off his shirt when he got a first glance at his first grandchild, Kyle, who weighed in at almost 11 pounds - a mini version of himself. Yesterday we celebrated Kyle's birthday.

I was Kyle's first teacher; we babysat him frequently his first four years. My favorite baby memory of him: Bill worked nights and was sleeping days. He took Kyle to bed with him, placed him on top of his belly and patted him to sleep, then he laid Kyle down beside him. An hour later I went in to check on them, and Kyle had crawled back up on top of Grandpa's belly; both were sleeping soundly.

Childhood memories abound, one very annoying. When he was 4 and Ashley was 7, we drove them to Disney World. All the way to Florida, Kyle sang this song: "Rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling in my long-long-long-long-long-long-long-long-long truck, down the highway" (tune: rolling on the river). Now here he is driving his own pick up truck. Time has zoomed by as fast as the white lines down the center of the highway.

I made some observations at the party. Six lanky 16 year old teenaged boys; six, sixteen year old bikini-clad girls in one large private pool. It's a shame that the male body develops before the mind. The minute those boys hit the water, they regressed to ten year olds. The girls huddled at the shallow end of the pool and shook their heads. The boys dared one another to belly flop to see who could get the reddest belly. They wrestled, rode piggy back, and dunked one another. They smeared one another's faces with birthday cake and they double fisted thick burgers. Boys will be boys... I saw them in action.

Watching Kyle become the decent, young man that he is today, reinforces the notion that a little part of us lives on in him. He still looks like Gramps and has a tender side. He sat down with me and read his birthday card and said, "Your cards mean the most to me, because you always write me a personal message."

Proof positive that words are powerful, they can boost or bust self-esteem. Jot down a positive thought or memory today and pass it on to someone who means the world to you!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I gave in to temptation

9:00 p.m.

Pizza, fully loaded, one large slice;
one soda, cup filled twice.
I wanted ice cream, but I was nice;
I didn't give in to my other vice!

Sometimes you just have to pamper yourself. What have you done for yourself lately?
I walked a good two miles or more today and laughed out loud at a book I was reading. I watched my 8 year old little slugger run the bases, and played with the baby during Nick's ball game. I'm usually antsy, need to be doing or going, but today was low key, satisfying.

Friday, June 12, 2009

This and That~

It's always a nice surprise to find my work on the internet when I least expect it. I discovered an essay that was published in March in the Suburban Journals. The editor did not notify me when it was published. So, seeing that brought a smile to my face. Seems like I've smiled a lot today. My 8 year old grandson, Nicholas, came to school with me this afternoon. He drew my picture and wrote an essay about me: "I like my nana because she is nuts(his version of a compliment). She likes to take me places and she gives me blueberries."

I LOVE IT and I will treasure it forever.

He is his daddy all over! On the way home he said he was going to set his alarm for 6:00 o'clock because his girlfriend was leaving to go back to Minnesota and he wanted to tell her good-bye. He is the sweetest, most caring kid. "GIRLFRIEND!" I said.

He replied, "Yeah, I met her this week; she's visiting the people who live behind us."

I told him they could be pen pals, and he asked me to address an enevelope for him to give to her so he could be sure to hear from her again. The boy has a lot to learn. Puppy love is so cute. The minute I dropped him off at home, she ran to the fence and called to him. I couldn't help but smile.

Then my daughter-in-law received good news from the doctor today. It appears her eye is healing, but she is still on bed rest for another week with limited vision, all out of focus. I bought her a pair of strong reading glasses and I nearly cried when she said, "I can see your face again."

I have a lot to smile about and a lot to be thankful for: family, friends and faith which sure gets shaken during a crisis, doesn't it?

The sun is heading over the horizon and I am heading outside to take an evening walk at 8:00 p.m. So many of my prayers have been answered. I feel like I can breathe deeply again. It has been an exhausting week. I'm going to inhale the night air and drink in the neighborhood aromas. Toodles.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reading instead of writing

I received the nicest, personalized rejection letter and best wishes on getting my story published elsewhere. Lucky for me, it was published in The Ultimate Mom at Mother's Day. So it worked out!

I should be writing. But my muse needs a respite. I just bought half a dozen books for summer reading and I am having the most fun with Garrison Keillor's, Lake Wobegon, 1956.
Elaine Viets', Murder Between the Covers, has also piqued my interest. I usually read two books at a time. I think I'll sit outside on my patio and indulge myself with one of those tomes.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Driving to school yesterday with a lot on my mind, I turned on the radio. Immediately a voice from the past had such a calming effect on me.

A voice can either curl my toes or ply the wax right out of my ear canal. I drive to work each morning with young-Elvis crooning me tunes. His voice makes my back go slack, my blood pressure drop a full ten points, and my mind wander back to my bell bottom days when I first saw him on the big screen...slobbering all over Ann Margaret. It didn't bother me at all when he married Priscilla, but those passionate kisses with the breathy red head...God I wanted to punch her! Oh, but did I say, 'curl my toes'? Elvis' voice does the trick.

Now Rod Stewart, that little pip squeak, I wish I'd never seen his face. But his raspy, gravelly voice, bless my toes!

My husband had a deep, sexy telephone voice when I first met him. I used to call him nightly to hear him purr to me in that baritone, "Hi, I can't come to the phone right now, but if you leave your name and number ..."

Another appealing voice was that of Ossie Davis, an older black actor on the 80's sitcom, Evening Shade, starring Burt Reynold's, whose voice, by the way, did nothing for me. Ossie's voice was molasses-thick, like a deep penetrating, soothing massage.

Now, Billy Mays, his voice makes me want to slam his head into the john, BAM! when he bellows how a particular product removes crud and rust stains from bathtubs.

Wimpy actors and their stand-by-your-man actress-wives hawking male enhancement products in their soft spoken voices entice me... to mute the TV!

Ray Vinson caterwauls on the radio in a twangy falsetto voice, "Call "X" Mortgage Company at 999-99-99. No wonder his old lady walked out; that's his normal voice.

And OUCH! that woman who barks on local St. Louis TV commercials, "Tell 'em Barkley sent ya." A dog!!!

Whiny kid voices can peel my nail polish, and a whiny adult voice forces me to restrain my hands so I don't reach up and choke the person. If I ever get close enough to Sarah Palin, I may turn loose of my fingers. (joking)

The best voice I've heard lately is my grandbaby who shouts, "Nana!" when she sees me. Oh, and my honey's voice still does it for me. Call the house sometime; maybe his voice will curl your toes too. Second thought, now that we're married, MY voice is on the recorder.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sea Shells, sharks and sugar sand~

Sea shells, sharks and sugar sand. Say that three times! Today at school I did a unit on the ocean. I dumped a grocery bag filled with sea shells onto a sheet for the kids to sort and classify. Sugary sand spilled out of the bag and reminded me of the barefoot walk I took on the beach the year my mom died when I collected those shells. I was tempted to kick off my shoes to recapture the feeling. But I maintained my professionalism.

The kids were very interested in the pictures of salt water fish and especially the sharks; we also played a shark game, and each child made an art project, an aquarium.

What is the primitive feeling about the sea that entices? One of my fondest meories is wading in tide pools in Boston with my best friend, Sheila, about ten years ago.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Should you write for free?

Did you ever get your hopes up only to have them dashed? That's what happened. I saw a call-out for several topics by a small publisher. I had stories for every upcoming theme, ready to go. I was so excited!I inquired about payment, and the editor responded that their funds go towards publishing and printing the books, but they would give a complimentary book to the authors.

I don't mind giving my work away to literary magazines, but when it comes to anthologies, I feel there must be some sort of compensation. I've paid my dues. It is strictly up to the individual writer, but I am at the point where if I don't value my own work, I think no one else will. Writing to rack up publication credits isn't always the wisest thing to do.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

How I spent my birthday~

What a fantastic 60th birthday. I stepped on the scale and rejoiced. As of today, I have officially lost 15 pounds. Didn't want a party. I celebrated just the way I wanted to. We woke early and went to two big subdivision yards sales where my friend Julia lives. Got some really good buys! I received so many birthday cards and well wishes; the grandkids called and sang happy birthday, as did friends from Boston.

Then, we went to Harrah's for lunch. Had fun playing; made a $20 donation, as expected. Lunch was awesome. I couldn't decide between turkey or oriental chicken, so I had both! Sabotaged my weight loss with a mini chocolate eclair, a slice of chocolate cream pie and a little square of gooey butter cake.

I bought a book, sat outside on the patio and read all afternoon in the warm breeze. This evening, Bill and I held hands like two old sweethearts and walked a mile around the subdivision. I silently whipsered to heaven, "Mom, Dad if you're with me, send me a dime." By golly, on the way home, as we rounded the corner to head down our street, their was a shiny dime right in our path. Today was a treasure.

Now you know...

Last evening we went to Austin's game. That kid is a slugger with dreams of making the pros. That would be awesome! Then, I wouldn't have to crash the gate like I did in the '82 World Series when the Cards were rocking the stadium downtown. In the 8th inning, I drove the kids downtown, satisfied to stand outside the stadium and be a part of history and just listen to the game. When a group of teenaged gate crashers plowed through, I tugged my daughter and SON by the hand and we hid out in the women's bathroom until the coast was clear. Then we proceeded to the seats. The cheering reverberated off the buildings downtown. My ex was personal auto mechanic to some of the team players who came to our house, but we still couldn't get tickets. Didn't stop me! We watched St. Louis go wild that night. Now you know Miss Linda's naughty little secret.

Please keep my daughter-in-law, Jackie Wenzelburger, in your prayers. Emergency Surgery today, back to square one and unknown prognosis. Doctor says her eye condidtion is rare, and it's like a train wreck; he can only deal with one thing at a time. She's blind in one eye from birth and in her good eye the retina detached in a couple other places, all stemming from a viral infection which attacked her eyeball a few weeks ago. Today they inserted a silicone bubble behind the eye. Thank you one and all.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame...

Night baseball games for kids wear me out. Last night I froze the seat of my britches off on those cold metal bleachers. It felt like October football weather. Everyone was bundled up. The game was in the 4th inning when we left at 10:00 p.m. But, Wow! You should see 12 year old George, pitch; he's destined for the majors.

This evening we are heading south for 12 year old Austin's game. At least it is at a decent hour. Madison will be 12 in a few weeks; that's 3, 12 year olds in our family. Back then it seemed like pregnancy was contagious amongst our girls. Three daughters will be calling for advice this year, I'm sure of it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

seeking submissions

Anthology seeking submissions with deadlines from Aug. 2009-June, 2011. They don't pay much and they also do not give complimentary copies; they charge you $8.00 to purchase a book if you want to see your work.

www.PatchworkPath.com for guidelines and future titles in development.

sun is still bright, and I am going for a walk. Evening is my favorite time of the day.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

E-F-G...exhausted, frazzled and guilt-ridden

Now I know why I had my children when I was young! This morning my daughter-in-law called and asked me to babysit from 7:30-10:00. I brought fresh fruit for the kids. Nicole, 19 months chomped on a piece of cantaloupe and spit it at me, sucked on a strawberry, made a face and drooled it back onto the plate, shook her head no and clamped her pearly whites at the sight of a banana. So I mushed it up and snuck it into her cereal. Her 7 year old brother woke up, sat down at the table and stuffed the sucked-on fruit into his mouth before I could stop him. I figured, family germs, what the heck! Nicholas was ready to walk out the door when he said he wanted a bologna sandwich for lunch instead of school lunch. Guilt-ridden AND late, I said, "Sorry, it's school lunch today." He asked me to walk him into school instead of drop him at the door. I hopped out of the car in the rain, and try as I might, I couldn't figure out the latch on the baby's car seat. I watched my sweet little grandson - who had just told me, "Nana, you're the best, and you only look 21, not
60," - look at me with sad eyes and droopy bottom lip, because I HAD to drop him at the door. Then, as I went to pull out, I saw a sign indicating that I could only make a right turn out of the school parking lot, and I needed to go left! So I swung a U turn and watched the cop watch me! Luckily the 21 year old kid saw a befuddled old granny and let me go. Then, I was half way to school when I realized I'd left the diaper bag in the LOCKED house!(Shame on any of you who are laughing at me) So, I called school and asked if there was an extra diaper. With my butt sticking out in traffic and cars whizzing down Kingshighway, I finally figured out the car seat code and hauled the baby into my classroom. I was exhausted and frazzled and guilt ridden to boot imagining Nicholas trying to choke down sloppy Joes, which he hates. Nicole had the time of her life playing with 5 little girls who doted on her, and well, she just bossed the boys. She took a 4 hour nap. I should have joined her! Now I know why I had my kids when I was 21 & 24.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Muphy's Law

It was one of those days where whatever could go wrong would go wrong. New student crying in the other classroom, so I ran to the rescue. His mother was in the hall crying, dad coaxing her to leave. I'm trying to comfort the kid and valdiate his feelings. Calmed him down, convinced mom to leave and told her to call in a few minutes. (Kid was fine) Two minutes later a man and woman and little boy walked in to observe my class in action, as my coworker walked out to take her kid to the doctor, so my students were crazy! I had to calm them down before I could even speak to the prospective parents. Tardy student arrived and clung to mom, screaming bloody murder because new people were in the classroom and my aide was gone. Had to pry her hands out of her mom's hair. I walked over to unplug the glue gun and burned my hand. This is all in the course of ten minutes. Finally I just rang the bell and told everyone to sit! including the new parents. The little girl finally let go of her mom who made a mad dash out the door which set her off again. So I had to hold her and present a lesson while pleading with her not to throw up on me. The father of the new student told me the woman with him was not the child's mother but a girlfriend and I was not to release the child to his biological mom. The girlfriend said the mother would never show up,so I shouldn't worry about it. I looked at both of them and said, "Don't be so sure. Just last week it happened to me." The mother of the crying girl came back at 3:00 and said, "I am amazed at how well you handled yourself under all that stress." I smiled like that woman on the Cheerio's commercial. Then the rain came down in buckets and drenched me as I walked to my car. Needless to say, I had an ice cream cone this evening.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Screwing Up~

A few weeks ago a little girl came up to me and said, "Teacher, can I please screw up today?"
I looked at her in disbelief. "Why do you want to screw up?"
She said, "Because Kenny screws up everyday."
I was about to reprimand her, when I realized she meant that Kenny, who has a few problems, has a bag of jars with interesting items glued inside. Screwing the lids off and then on, helps his small hand muscles develop.

Did you ever screw up? Whew! I did. I sent an irreverent woman's essay about weight gain to the Smithsonian instead of Sasee. I'm sure they'll think I'm a kook. Oh well, you have to laugh at yourself sometimes.