Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Support the local arts

St. Louis, Missouri is noted for producing literary, visual and performing artists. 

THREE local writers were recently published in a new release,  Chicken Soup for the Soul, Well THAT Was Funny. My fellow writers and I will be signing books on June 3rd at Barnes and Noble in St. Peters, near St. Charles. Please stop by and say hello. We will be there from 11:00 -2:00.  


            Everybody needs a laugh. This book should do it for you!
                      Why is my face as large as the frog's?! Ribbit.

Friday, May 19, 2023

As the school year draws to an end

I had a bad reaction to medication from a simple procedure and was in excruciating pain for a week. But all is fine now. That explains my long absence.

Mother's Day brought my son and his children and my daughter to our house. I recieved so many sweet and thoughtful gifts, but this towel spoke volumes.  

I have had such fun this year preparing Alex and Charlie for kindergarten. I was fortunate to find this dry erase white board at the curb down the street. I sure put it to good use. 

As the four year old Pre-K class concludes, the boys can actually see how much they have learned. They recognize numerals 1-20 and letters/sounds, number words 1-10, color words, and basic shapes, days of the week, months of year and how to get along with others unless it's brothers. They do well at the playground, have good social skills, are friendly and outgoing. They have grown so much!
Now that they know all letters/phonics sounds, I introduced phonetic spelling, (spell it as they hear it, also called inventive spelling) and so, they 'ordered" McDonald's. can you read it?  No silent e's, therefore Coke looks like it does.

I taught them the last letter sounds/blends CH, TH, SH, and OO. 


Older brother Liam was a nervous wreck on Field Day. "I can't run very well. I have never been good at kick ball." He helped bring his team to victory, FIRST PLACE WIN!

See the pride on his face? My wish for all of my great grandsons is a feeling of success, and an I-can-try (and then do it) attitude. Fun summer ahead! Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Things that made me go "Hmm"

 A memory popped up on Facebook this morning, and it made me laugh. Charlie is on his way to being five-years-old. When he was barley three, I asked about his boo-boo. He has always been talkative.
"I'm alright, Nana. See, look. I am alive. I 'm not dead."

Yesterday I walked into a big box store and passed the pharmacy. A pharmacy tech spoke loudly on the phone to a customer. "Yes sir that IS actually part of the directions, squat and let it hang like a limp noodle." No idea what he was being treated for, and didn't want to know.

One time we were on a cruise and an obese woman passed by wearing a shirt emblazoned with I BEAT ANOREXIA.

Some things just make you smile, wince. shake your head...