Saturday, June 29, 2019

A ten foot corpse?!

Corn stalks can grow to over ten feet, but at first glance this looked like a gaint 10 ft. EAR of corn. 

Then we read the plaque about this corpse flower on display at Missouri Botanical Garden in our town. On Wednesdays admission is free for senior residents of the city or county. So I took Liam. Be sure to return for my next post to see all the things available for children.

The corpse flower is supposed to open any day. It blooms for one or two days only. We are hoping to return midweek to get a whiff of the worst smell ever. Liam asked how bad it would smell. I replied, "Like garbage and dirty diapers." "EWWW! No way. Will the stink stay on us?" What a mind that boy has. Be sure to come back for a visual tour of fun things to do with kids at the Children's Garden.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Rotting flesh

Hubby had to have a blood test, so I sat in the car and watched people come and go into the medical building. One older gentleman exited a red van in the aisle in front of where we parked. A younger blonde woman helped him toss canvas camping chairs and a bed roll out of the van and onto the pavement in the parking space next to theirs. They left the driver's door wide open.

I was waiting for someone to whip a car into that space, unaware of the camping equipment and open car door. Close calls a couple of times! But fifteen miutes later the old man got out. The gal told him he could leave because someone was on the way. The old guy hobbled off.

When Bill returned I told him half a dozen imagined scenarios. He listened and said, " Hmm, I think she just has a flat tire and is saving that space for the person coming to fix it.

He was right of course! Which ticked me off. I like it when my imagination runs wild.

Many years ago we were camping. A mid-twenties guy set up a tent across from us. For two days I observed him looking sad and somber sitting by the campfire. Then he disappeared, and we didn't see him at all for three days.

A foul odor drifted across the road from his campsite. I told Bill the guy looked deeply depressed, and I was going to go snoop around, and if I got caught I would say I was looking for firewood.
I skittered across the road and spied a scorched letter in the dead embers in the fire ring. I picked it up and read it. It was a Dear John letter. Aha!

I rushed across the way to tell Bill the guy had probably commited suicide and the smell was no doubt the dead man inside the tent. Bill told me to mind my own business. "Nothing is as you think. The guy is fine."

"I'm telling you I smell rotting flesh!" I insisted, flapping the charred letter at him.

That night a pick up truck pulled into the guy's camp site...and he exited the truck with his young son. He unzipped his tent and yelled, "Damn! That raw hamburger's rotten. All the ice melted in the cooler."

I hate it when Bill is right!


Sunday, June 23, 2019

Happy birthdays

For five years this little boy has brought so much joy to my life. He has such a good heart, and stands up for what he believes in, will confront a bully and tell him he doesn't like his behavior. He has a real sense of social justice. He is assertive and wants things to be fair. Some adults don't even have those qualities. I am proud of my first great-grandson. He told me Friday when I babysat, " Nana, I wish I could just STAY here always with you." He is always in my heart no matter where he is.

I made him a monster truck cake which he loved, and he recieved so many Monster Truck themed gifts. He was so excited! 

Liam used to be smaller, but he's growing taller. His legs are longer, his arms are stronger. He's growing, and growing, and it is showing!

I thank God for him and know he will make a positive difference in this world. He's my boy!

No, we did not dress Charlie in a dress. This is my daughter Tracey, Liam's nana when she was a baby. I remember all the birthday parties I had for her over the years, and now she is about to celebrate her almost big one. A year from now she will be the big 5-0. She is young at heart and full of love for Liam and his brothers.

I look at Liam and wonder where the years have gone. I look at Tracey and awe at how time flies. She has been a blessing. She's good hearted, tender hearted, an animal lover, always doing for others. She's my girl!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Advice from the kitchen sink, or do not abandon your baby

 A kitchen sink baby bubble bath may be old fashioned, but it was a delight for both of us. Charlie had the best time laughing and splashing. 

I received a letter yesterday, an old fashioned HAND WRITTEN letter from a dear friend. It reminded me of the hundreds of letters my best friend Sheila (who lived out of town) and I exchanged over four decades. Those letters connected us through our words and handwriting.

Do you still hand write correspondence, or do you consider it old fashioned and prefer to use the computer?

When writing a story, remembering a fact, or doing research you have to tighten your focus as Liam is doing. FIVE year old Liam. How did that happen? 

 Alex thrills at new discoveries. He enjoyed playing in a small waterfall at the park. He observed others playing in the sand. Sometimes it helps to observe first, take in information, investigate.
Do what works for YOU! 

I witnessed a mother with a baby about 18 momths old in a deep sand hole with water in it. She said, "I said NO to everything with my firstborn. This one is our fifth, and I've learned to let him go at his own pace. He's a go getter!"

 Give your friend and fellow writer an assist. Never quit, even when things get rough. NEVER say NEVER! Alex pushed Charlie in his walker. When he bumped into the patio carpet, he threw up his hands and said, "Oh NO! STUCK!" and he abandoned his baby brother.
If you are a writer, and you are stuck on a project, bogged down, dealing with rejection, or fighting the good fight against negativity, don't quit. I encourgae you to grab a pen and put your thoughts on paper. HAND WRITE yourself a message. Give yourself a pep talk. List three reasons why you should continue to pursue your writing goals. Now add two more! Take a break if you must, but do not abandon your baby.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Time to park it!

 I celebrated my milestone birthday a few days ago. I never thought I'd be 70. I lost my three best friends, Rose, Sheila, and Millie when they were in their 50's and 60's, two from cancer and one from a heart attack. I have lots of acquaintances, but some days I really miss my longtime besties.  I am fortunate to have a fun and funny hubby who I regard as my best friend.

I am grateful for every single day I get to spend with my great grandbabies. I treasure our moments and try to do something fun with them. Lately it's been discovering parks around town.

Charlie is a delight at ten months old. He is learning all about how to get what he wants, which is usually to be held. He complains; it is not a cry, just whining, moaning and groaning. He is so happy when someone responds to his wishes. He is imitating utterances and sounds. He's a smart one like his older brothers. I am so blessed to have the stamina to handle them.

Alex will be two soon, and he eats less than a bird. But he growls like a big dinosaur and scares PawPaw, then he belly laughs. Liam will be five next week, and he has such leadership ability and good ideas. He thinks he's the boss of everything and everyone. He's a good helper and so good hearted. He is the best big brother!

Are you finding balance in your life? Swinging high, reaching for the stars? Zooming, or plodding along? Keeping busy? Making discoveries? Looking at life with wide-eyed wonder? Making the most of every single day with which you you are blessed?

These little bodies, always on the go, keep my big body active two days a week.

Someone once said, the days are long, but the years are short. True. Seems yesterday their mommy and grandma, and uncle, and great uncle and their cousins were my babies, and here I am seventy years old.

Time flies when you're having fun! 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Blooming, hatching, and shining

We personally have not been affected by the flooding in Missouri. There are some road closings due to water creeping onto the roads. We live far enough away from the rivers, but just miles away from us levees are breaking and being breached. People are being evacuated and their homes are underwater. It is a sad situation. 

Last evening (my favorite part of the day) I sat outside and observed simple things for which I am thankful. 

I love my new little solar garden light with sweet cherub statue. It makes me happy. It frustrates the yard care crew though, who used to roll their wide industrial mower right over this spot. Now they have to weave their way across the carport to the back yard. 

 Miss Froggy was a gift from my late friend Sheila. This little jointed cutie wintered outside. Her dress is a bit faded, but she's otherwise okay. Her expression makes me smile.

The flowers are blooming in the center of the patio table where my honey and I play Rummy Q most evenings and often eat meals in summer. The impatience are showing off.

I came upon these beauties in the yard. Found a little patch of what looks like wild strawberries along the fence. Proabably a little birdie sat on the fence and dropped a seed.

Might have been this guy who whistled, cheeped, sang, and entertained us for quite sometime.

But to my delight, this was the sweetest. It's a mother sparrow, (we call them chippies) and baby. 
I watched them for two days. Baby would sit percehd on the edge of the shed roof, and mama would get a seed and fly up to put it in her baby's mouth. Now the baby is sitting on the feeder with mama. 

Isn't that just like life? We fear the unknown, feel unsure, need support and assurance. Once we try, we discover we CAN do it on our own. Self confidence starts with one step toward your goal. Have you taken the first step?  Care to share any of your goals? Does your light shine?