Monday, October 24, 2022

Alex and Charlie nailed it!

October has been a fun month with the boys. They were happily surprised to find a large pumpkin in the classroom. They tried coloring it with crayon which didn't work very well. Then they decorated it with markers, which worked very well for my little scribblers.

We took it outside on a sunny day and sat in the driveway using hammers and golf tees to pound into the pumpkin. We extended the activity by hammering words and alphabet letters that they recognize. 

By the time they were finished, they had nailed those words and letters, and they had a fun time doing it.

This week we will remove the golf tees and send the pumpkin home so they can watch the deer and wildlife come eat it.


Thursday, October 13, 2022

Nature's thrills

Autumn is my favorite season. I am in my glory, love the sights and smells of the changing season. Have energy! Even though I do not like or look forward to the shorter daylight hours, I love the majestic trees and thrill at the secrets that float through the back door on a breeze: someone is cooking cabbage. A pizza is in someone's oven, and I know who is going to have pumpkin pie or muffins for desert.
As the leaves let go, the sound of the freight train off in the distance, on it's predawn run, seems louder with fewer buffers to dull the rumble.  My imagination runs along those rail tracks from state to state imagining...

Alex and Charlie and I went to the park to crunch in leaves, look for colorful baby maple leaves, and sing songs to squirrels. 

They rode their trikes on downhill paths, one zooming out of sight and the other bellyaching it was too hard to peddle back. But they did, with a little help from me. We had fun, made memories, enjoyed the sun on our cheeks and the breeze in our hair. Ahhh, fall.

The boys posed for me, and I developed the photos of them "blowing" then pressed the leaves we collected between contact paper to preserve them. I can't get Alex's picture to post correctly, but it is equally as cute. 

Are the leaf colors peaking where you are?

Sunday, October 9, 2022

I've been shot.

I scheduled my second Covid booster for Friday evening at a local pharmacy.

I thought I knew what I was in for since I have had terrible reactions to the vaccines. Literally wiped out and suffering from teeth-chattering chills, but no fever, for one and a half to two days. Doctor tells me that means I have a strong antibody.  

If only THAT had been the worst of it. I filled out my paperwork and when the pharmacy tech called my name, she asked if I was back in town. I told her I'd never left town. She asked my birthdate and middle name again. Then she said, "I see you have recently received the vaccination."

Nope! "Well that's weird, there is another person with your exact name and birthdate, and she lives in your zip code.

I laughed and explained I had received her birth control pills once when I was waiting for antibiotics. We had a laugh. Then she asked when I returned to St. Louis from Kentucky.

"Never been there, didn't reside there, but last year when I received my first booster the paharmacist entered my address as a town in Kentucky. 

Her eyes widened and she said, "Wow! That is jacked up! Should have never happened. Has fouled up everything in the system. This is serious."

I had caught the error and asked the pharmacist to enter my correct address, and they claimed they did. I even called the next day to confirm. They said it was taken care of.

Pharmacy tech said, "Obviously if they changed it, they didn't SAVE the changes. Serious stuff!"

I asked, "As in sue the pharmacy, serious?"

"Oh no-no-no. I can take care of this, but it sure is jacked up."

Now, I ask you, would YOU have chosen that terminology even if it WAS jacked up?

Perhaps, in my heading I should have said I've been innoculated or vaccinated instead of shot. See how words matter?

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Hey, Teacher!

 There is something amazing about friendships that survive pandemics, long distance division, and the imminent arrival of a hurricane.

Dianna Graveman, Mary Menke, and I met through St. Louis Writer's Guild. Dianna, a fabulous writer/editor moved to Florida six years ago, and Mary also a fabulous writer, who lives in town, has been busy teaching and editing.

Dianna and I each developed anthologies for Publishing Syndicate and produced titles in the Not Your Mother's book collections. We've done book signings and presentations together at conferences and writing workshops. We are writers who write! 

Former teachers (grade levels from prekindergarten through college) and published writers, we all felt a strong connection.

When Dianna mentioned she was coming in town for a brief weekend stay, we reunited. The best part about seeing our dear friend (and how much weight she's lost) was being able to pick up right where we'd left off six years ago. Now that speaks to our close friendships despite absences and life's ups and downs. 

Schlafly's outdoor patio on a fall afternoon was the perfect place to gather, gab, and grab a bite. 

I have lost so many friends early in life, so I know how important it is to stay connected. I treasure these friends. 

Dianna's family had minimal hurricane damage and now we are all off in our own whirlwinds doing what we do best, writing, editing, living life's crazy ups and downs. 

How do  you foster friendships?