Thursday, April 29, 2010

What would your license say about you?

I would never pay the additional cost for personalized license plates, but you can sure learn a lot about a person who has them. Yesterday I saw these: CUPCAK, YBAWAK (Why be awake?) and WTRBUG (not on a VW either).

Speaking of cupcakes, hop on over to my friend Lynn's blog at Present Letters and view some awesome and unbelievable cupcakes. No, the license wasn't on Lynn's car.

Do you have personalized plates, and if not, what would be on yours? Mine: bekind


Bookie said...

Your blog gave me an idea for personalized plates...RitrBug(writer Bug). No, I have no vanity plates, but maybe mine should say Bzerk!

K9friend said...

I tried to get the special license plates "I'm Pet Friendly". They don't come standard and must be personalized. The license department made me fill out applications, send donations, make multiple choice personalizations, etc., all mailed to different places. Then I had to wait for confirmations (six weeks plus) that everything had been properly completed.

Once the plate finally arrived, the clerk showed it to me, then told me I couldn't have it because I'd only made a one year donation instead of a two year to the state spay/neuter fund. Since my current plates had already been renewed for two years, I'd have to start the process over again with a two year donation. They'd hold the plates for me until I had the proper paperwork.

I told her to keep the plates.

Linda O'Connell said...

Unbelievable, Pat. I don't blame you for telling themt o keep them.
And Claudia, after today at work, mine would say wrnout.

Susan said...

Dear Linda....Susan, here, from

Good heavens, Linda. I would NEVER "unfriend" you. I do not understand why you cannot leave comments. I simply DO NOT KNOW what is happening! Please, keep trying. Could you write to Blogspot and ask for help?

I LOVE getting comments from you and from all readers. It's just wonderful. Can you get the blog? Please, Linda, let me know.

As for personalized license plates, I never have had one but I'd probably put a happy face on with "Keep on the Sunny Side." Ha! SOOOOO good to hear from you. Please, Linda, KEEP TRYING. That's wierd. Sincerely, Susan

BECKY said...

Hi Linda! I think I'd have to have "disposable" plates, so I could change mine often, depending on my "thought for the day"!! ...Maybe a Dry Eraser Board kind of thing?! That wouldn't wash off, of course! :D

Lynn said...

That's a tough one - and thanks for the plug on my blog - you're way too kind. I like that your plate would say bekind. That made me think of one - justbe. But I think I'd be like Becky and want to change it. Or maybe - belove. I'm all about the love and letting people be. :-)

Linda O'Connell said...

Becky, I like your idea, according to our moods, change our license plates each day, sometimes twice a day. Ha! Maybe we're on to something.