Thursday, June 7, 2012

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! as Gomer once said

I had such a surprise last night at critique group. My fellow WWWPs, (wild women wielding pens) presented me with so many wonderful gifts for my birthday. You know you are getting old when you tell everyone you work with that you're a year older than you actually are, and they correct you! I've begun to question my sanity.

I saw three of my critique group members sitting in the livingroom, so I walked in. The hostess was wearing a wrist support for carpal tunnel, and her hand was up to her throat.

The minute I opened the door they all looked stunned. I swear I thought she had been injured, broke her neck, had her throat slit (writer's mind, sorry).

"What's wrong? Oh my!" I was serious!

They smiled, then looked at each other and laughed nervously. "Tell me what happened to you." I begged. "What is going on?"

"Uhmm, we thought you were (the other member)." Well that was some welcome!

Then they all laughed at me standing there looking and acting utterly foolish. The place where I sit on the sofa had a giant card, turquoise (my favorite color) six feet tall, with a dozen kinds of candies and the most wonderful messages: You're a Lifesaver, and a Three Musketeer... some I can't share, because we really ARE WILD WWPs. It was the most fun, unique card/sweet gift. Not to mention the chocolate wine, the lusicous cheese cake, the yummy pinwheel sandwiches, and the dozen little beach-related gifts tucked into a wonderful straw hat.

I was thrilled, stunned, hurt because only one wished me happy birthday on FaceBook. Last night was a laugh a minute, a lot of fun and a great surprise. I am thankful for my writing budddies who helped me critique an essay last month that I submitted to Sasee about exercise. And to my added delight, I just received notice that it was accepted for the July issue.

To my WWWPs: I love you, ladies!

Our critique group is a women's support group for about half an hour, and then we get down to business. My friends each have a unique writing voice and style. I am amazed at their talents. If you do not have a critique group, form one or find a writing partner, because we all need a fresh perspective, someone else's point of view.

Oh yeah, I am happy. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and all of you who visit my blog. Hugs.


Sioux said...

Congratulations on the Sasee acceptance. And hold on--you're in the home-stretch (work-wise). Soon the beach will be calling your name every morning...

Val said...

I'm surprised this event did not make the ten o'clock news! Sometimes these WWWP meetings sound wilder than a back-to-school free teacher tote bag event at Office Max.

I am toasting your yesterday's birthday with a coconut-shell, paper-umbrella drink. May the sand always be between your toes, and the sea breeze ever on your brow.

K9friend said...

Glad you enjoyed your birthday, Linda. Sounds like you ladies had a blast!

I was amazed to hear that I'm accepted for the July issue of Sasee, too!

Critter Alley

Susan said...

Oh, that sounded like such fun, Linda, and you DESERVED it! Glad you had a blast. Susan

Karen Lange said...

Sounds wonderful! Makes me smile just thinking about it. :) You are indeed very blessed.

Debora said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great bunch of gals you hang with!

Lynn said...

Congratulations on your Sasee acceptance! Whooo-hoo. Glad you were surprised!

Tammy said...

Yet another acceptance--congratulations again! May your year have nothing but good surprises!

Beth M. Wood said...

Congrats on Sasee...the icing on the (cheese)cake! That was so much fun. Yes, it is therapy, isn't it? So grateful for you all! Hugs. said...

Congrats for your Surprise Birthday. I would of loved to be the fly on the wall to see your face. Congrat's for you made another writing and was chosen. Awesome!

I had to laugh when you thought your friend holding her neck that something horribly went wrong. Not really funny to laugh as I am sure your heart was doing some fast beats. Belated Happy Birthday!

Janet Smart said...

A late happy birthday to you! I've got one later on in the month. You do have a great critique group and congratulations on the Sasee essay.