Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hollywood hunks helped us with our firstborns

So, here's how it all went down.

Bill was hacking up a lung on the seventh floor of the hospital when my granddaughter called to say she was in labor. My bronchial seal bark echoed down the elevator shaft as I abandoned my honey and made my way to the parking lot. Ashley drove herself to the hospital from work.
Parking spaces are a commodity at the hospital at noon. I was fortunate to find a place just inside the garage for her car. I stepped into the vacant space hoping to prevent a driver from swinging in. I saw my granddaughter pull in and I flagged her down. I screamed like a banshee as she drove past and idled at the front door entrance waiting for me. I  panicked, and instead of using my cell phone to text her fifty feet away, I grabbed a middle age nurse passing by and pleaded with her to stand in my place and save the parking spot while I ran to get my granddaughter. (Yes, I did.)


"Please, my granddaughter's in labor, and she's right there in the blue car. I will run over and direct her back here. PLEASE? We need this parking space."

The woman shrugged, looked around for a hidden camera, then stepped off the curb and into the parking space. I took off running which triggered the bronchitis bark. I directed Ashley to the parking place. The woman stood there in an official stance, arms out, waving people by, shouting, "Saved for a woman in labor!"
What a gal! "That IS the woman in labor! Let her park," I shouted upon approach.

We went inside, and the doctor examined her, monitored her contractions, and said, "I want you to cough like an old woman in a nursing home and bear down. If you leak, we'll take you to labor and delivery. If not, you go home and we'll see you Thursday for scheduled C section; it's probably false labor."

I hugged a very pregnant, very disappointed expectant mama good-bye and returned to my other baby. We would wait until Thursday.

Tuesday I was at a school when the call came. "Nana, I'm having the baby today."

"Within the hour. As soon as the doctor arrives; he's delivering another baby."
Two grandmothers and this set of great-grandparents made it to the hospital in record time. We walked in to her room just before the doctor arrived. Her female OB doctor was not on call.
Her partner walked in. He looked exactly like this actor, Matthew McCaugnahy. Ashley, feeling no pain and slightly sedated, sat up to listen to his schpeel.

He exited the room. 

She flopped her head back, gazed up at her mom, me, and her husband, who lovingly ignored her when she said, "Oh my! He is hah-hah-hah-hot!" Everybody laughed, including the nurses and attendants. She denies it. We should have videotaped her. 

Today is her mama's, my baby's 44th birthday. I remember vividly how I walked to the nursery to peek at her in that army hospital in Alaska, and there she was with Frankie Avalon. He was rocking her in the rocking chair and cooing at her.

Okay, so it was actually a medic who looked like the actor, but let me tell you, walking to that nursery got easier and easier :)

Wednesday is MY day with baby Liam and Nana's girl. Can't wait!



Pat Wahler said...

Great Grandma saves the day! What a wonderful story. And by the way, I've noticed doctors just keep getting younger and better looking. Makes all those medical appointments a bit more bearable.

Critter Alley

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You're a pip! Haha...glad the nurse did her part. I can honestly say I've never had a doc look like Matthew McCaugnahy. If only.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Tomorrow your day with Liam will be "Allright, allright, allright."

Enjoy that bambino.

Merlesworld said...

Oh dear that brings back memories.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I once had a HUGE crush on a nurse when I was a little boy and getting my tonsils taken out. Good times :)

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

What we won't do for our family! Thanks for making me laugh out loud. Great post. Vickie

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I am sooooo jealous! You will be able to sniff his sweet head and maybe even rock him to sleep! Nothing in this world feels as good as a sleeping baby on your shoulder! I bet it would have healed my torn rotator cuff!!!!!

Tammy said...

Great story! I loved your description of the heroic, parking-space-saving nurse...and oh, my, your visuals of those residents were the perfect touch.

Cathy C. Hall said...

The doc who delivered my first was pretty hot--and I appreciate you reminding me of that auspicious occasion. :-)

(Also grabbing the nurse and holding that spot? Classic Linda. Ha!)

Susan said...

Well, the handsome docs were not bad to have around while having a baby.

Any distraction is better than nothing, right? hee hee

So happy for you, Ashley, and all the family.

Hope she's doing well. I know Great Grammie is! Susan

Lynn said...

Oh I know you're going to have so much fun today (Wed). You're so funny... holding the parking spot for your granddaughter... only a grandma could get away with that.

Connie said...

Aw, this is a cute story. I hope you have a wonderful visit. :-)

Val said...

Babes in Celebrityland!

Mevely317 said...

What a delightful share, Linda! I laughed out loud at your coercing that nurse into guarding that parking spot!

Unknown said...

As always, your words leave me smiling this morning. And of course, the pics were the added polish! Congratulations, Great Grandma -- or as my two-year-old grandbaby says, "Gate Gamma."

BECKY said...

Too funny! I can just envision it all! I could look all day at Matthew, but Frankie...not so much! Congrats again, Linda! Exciting, happy, special days!