Sunday, January 4, 2015

I need to see the sea

The holidays are over, the last cookie has been eaten, and the nostalgic kid-made ornaments and family of stuffed snowmen have been packed away. I loved sitting in the living room early in the morning with the tree lights on, listening to the news, gazing at the tree, praying for those who needed special attention. The glistening colors had a calming effect. They seemed to cancel out the emotions that resulted from the horrific NEWS stories that scrolled across the television screen.
Now the whites of winter, and the longest month of the school calendar are upon me. The living room seems bare without the holiday decorations. My footsteps echo. I turn on the low wattage light and sit on the sofa and gaze at my dream world. I escape every day into that large picture. In my mind, I stroll that beach barefoot. I can almost hear the gulls, the waves, and feel the sea foam on my toes. 
If you look closely in the vase filled with sand and seashells, you can see the baby starfish. 
I need beach scenes to get me through winter. The photo is the first beach sunset Bill and I ever experienced together. We smile at our favorite picture, remembering. Twenty-six years ago, his naturally curly hair was black, my hair color was not from a box, and our waists hadn't widened. Gazing at this photo makes me thankful every single day for my honey.

The beach reminders are everywhere. The photos on top are of our first grandchildren. We drove them to Florida when Ashley was seven and Kyle was four. They hated the heat and aggravation of Disney World as much as we dreaded hearing them ask, "Are we there, yet?" and complain, "I don't want to wait in line. It's too hot here." But, oh how they loved the beach! The photo to the left is more recent. The one to the right, is a favorite of us with our friends, Bruce and Sheila, taken many years ago on vacation in Mexico. My best friend was vibrant and healthy then. We lost Sheila in 2014, but that photo is a happy reminder of days gone by.
Even our cat loves the beach, well at least the NETFLIX beach video. He watches the fish swim in and out of the coral. He cocks his head this way and that, and he is mesmerized.
I am a positive thinker. On January 1st, I think, 12 weeks until warmer weather, and longer days.
Thank you one and all for being faithful readers. I am going to have a book give away and will post details next week. Happy New Year to all of you. 



Daisy said...

I love the beach too. Winters seem longer the older I get. We hope to move south preferably close to the beach when my husband retires. I can't wait! Love all your photos, and I definitely understand the need to see the sea. Happy New Year, Linda!

Sioux said...

Linda--I hope that soon you can dig your toes into the beach sand.

Happy New Year!

Bookie said...

I appreciate your love of the beach although it is not my go-to for escape. I'm glad you have mementos surrounding you for comfort. It feels good to have little "trips" in our house. My bedroom has pottery and baskets from New Mexico. My office sport many pictures but one of Kansas prairies with native grasses escape. And then there are rooms with warm and inviting teapots! Very cold here today and with some pretty snow flurries.

Dianna Graveman said...

Linda, my husband, Don, is right with you! As you know, I'd rather escape to the mountains in winter or summer ... only been back a few weeks and I already ache to return. However, after a few more months of this weather, I may be ready for a beach visit again, too! Stay warm!

Tammy said...

Smiled at those first pics, but the last made me laugh. Smart kitty. And smarter producer of a "show" about an aquarium. Wish I'd thought of it.

Val said...

Potato, dream of warmer weather, I dream of snow. Enough snow to get me out of school for a few days.

Like you have your wonderful beach memories, I have my remembrances of those 21 snow days I enjoyed last year.

K9friend said...

The sound, smell, and sight of the ocean is soothing and truly a balm for my soul. I was so glad to escape to Key West for a few days in November. I hope another getaway is in my not too distant future.

Critter Alley

tracboy2 said...

Loved this story! Made me long for the beach.🐚🌊

Susan said...

Good idea to gaze at the beach picture, Linda. Hope you get to go and stay for awhile this year. Susan

Karen Lange said...

So glad you've found an inspiration to get you through. Spring will be here before we know it.

Thanks for stopping by the blog this morning. For the record, I think you are a genius! Not to mention a very talented writer...:)

Susan Sundwall said...

We're heading for warmer climes in March - Texas here we come! But in the meantime, winter. But just think, flip flops and 4th of July merchandise will be in the stores next week. Yes siree bob. LOL

Lisa Claro said...

Like you, Linda, I've got the beach in my blood. I even keep seashells in my car so I can pick them up and hold them between my fingers when I'm sitting in the nasty Atlanta traffic. A tactile reminder of the place I love.

Keep dreaming of the sandy shore. You'll be there again before you know it. :)