Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Making an impression

Spring break is over. It's back to work tomorrow, and I need a vacation from vacation. More about our adventure on tomorrow's post. Today I want to tell you about some people who impressed me.
We drove to New Orleans and spent the night at Quality Inn in Gretna, Louisiana where I met two of the nicest women. 

Carnella Jackson and Michelle Walls are the most personable hostesses in charge of the breakfast bar.  
I've always heard that God puts us where he needs us to be, so we can impact others.   

These women are probably like most of us. Who wouldn't like a better job, one perhaps with more prestige, or a title, and for sure more money?  But let me tell you, they are  hostesses with the mostest!

In life, you are either a morning person, or you are not.
You either like your job, or you do not.

You enjoy people, or people annoy you.

I imagine Carnella and Michelle must have  mixed emotions each Sunday as they prepare breakfast for guests who are ready to leave for a cruise to the Tropics. I'm sure some guests are haughty, some are appreciative, and some are kind, or not.
Carnella and Michelle are so personable, professional and inspirational!

Michelle is a morning person...and probably an afternoon and evening person, too. She greeted guests with exuberance and humor. How nice it was to see a friendly face, to be engaged in conversation and to laugh at her lively antics.
Carnella  was sweet and seemed less of a party person than the "live wire." Once I engaged her in conversation I could tell she is a spiritual person. I shared with her that I had been published in Gloria Gaynor's book, We Will Survive. I told her how Ms. Gaynor, who was once a party animal, says she has turned her life over to Jesus and is a changed person.  

Carnella agreed with me that we must lead our children down a spiritual path. Even if they veer off as they try to find themselves, they usually return to the foundation we lay.

I want to say THANK YOU to two of the most hospitable women in the hospitality industry who made an impression on me.
Please return tomorrow for a recap of our vacation from well... not heaven. 



Pat Wahler said...

Looking forward to hearing all about it, Linda!

Critter Alley

Merlesworld said...

We went there when we in USA in 2000, loved the place everything about it was wonderful but that was before the big storm, saw all the damage on TV so sad to see.

Cathy C. Hall said...

It's nice to be appreciated, Linda, and I'm sure your new friends (because they WERE friends by the time you left, I know!) enjoyed meeting you, too!

Bookie said...

Thanks for recognizing some good people. So often we don't find people so warm and when we do it is a treat! Am anxious to here your trip stories!

We went to New Orleans but with children so that is not the same kind of trip of couse.But hubby hated the whole area and I was weary of running into one problem after another. One big problem was toliets that did not flush! Love the beinets (bet the spelling it wrong!) though.

Val said...

Good to hear that you got a great send-off for your vacation made in not-heaven.

Mevely317 said...

What a sweet shout-out!
I hope their General Manager realizes what treasures he has there.
One of our company's execs reminds us, "Our vocation is someone else's vacation."

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--It sounds like you had a wonderful Spring Break. And it's your last. Next year, every day with a combination of Saturday-Sunday-Summer Vacation-Spring Break-Christmas Break all rolled into one.

Lynn said...

It's nice that you gave a shout out to people who deserve to be recognized. Usually people like to share the people who aren't so nice and we forget to tell those who are, YAY! And least people we don't know. Looking forward to hearing your vacation story - there's always a surprise with you!

Susan said...

Both of those ladies sounded like winners, Linda. Wish you snapped a photo of them. Also wish their bosses could read your blog post on how they made your day. Susan

Connie said...

Isn't it amazing what a difference can be made by the people we encounter in life.

Tammy said...

What a great lesson that people we meet even for a short time - and under rather ordinary circumstances - can positively impact others!