Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TWEETING took on a new/old meaning

Sunday was Kirkwood's (St. Louis suburb) annual Green Tree Festival. The aromas of caramel corn, funnel cakes and every kind of food imaginable permeated the air. Craft booths filled the park; artisans sold their wares. This family-friendly event drew huge crowds. There were three different stages with live bands, and there were dogs and kids everywhere.
I often hear people talk about the Good Old Days, when times were easier. I wonder if that time really existed, or if it all seemed less hectic looking back. The pace of living has certainly increased, and in many ways the work load has lightened. Will our children consider these days their good old days? 
We took a walk and discovered Frontier Village, an encampment of actors portraying frontier life.
 Years ago, women spun sheep wool into yarn to make goods for their families.

These guys were forging iron, working the bellows to fan the flames to do metal work.

These pioneers were tin smiths and candle makers. Tallow candles are nothing like fragrant Yankee Candles.

Quilting is almost a lost art. So pleased to see these women working their needles, making those fine stitches.
Children and adults had fun trying to walk on stilts. Many landed in the hay, laughing and sputtering.

The canon misfired the first time, but the second attempt was like the shot heard 'round the world. It reverberated throughout the park. 
Imagine having to hunt animals to make buckskin clothing to wear. It's hot and heavy.
I'd travel anywhere in this covered wagon as long as I had this big guy by my side.
No matter the century, mothers have always reprimanded their children. We passed this mom telling her children, "Go blow those bird call whistles over by the tree. I'm tired of your tweeting."


Val said...

I want some caramel corn, funnel cakes and every kind of food imaginable! I can smell it from your description and pictures.

Hot and heavy! Heh, heh. That's what Jerry said about Elaine and her saxophone-player boyfriend.

Susan said...

Oh, that looked like fun, Linda. And yes, that was a different kind of tweeting for sure. I agree that Yankee candles are hard to beat.

Take care, dear friend. And thanks for your visits. Susan

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Wherever you and Bill go, you have fun. What a life!

Bookie said...

That looks like a great outing! Perfect fall stroll through history! However...those covered wagons sure don't look at big as I remember them from WAGON TRAIN!!!!

Connie said...

This looks like a fun way to step back into time for a bit.

Lynn said...

All those lost arts... I'm glad some younger folks are getting into them. And your post about the clowns without the painted faces was hilarious.

Pat Wahler said...

Definitely looks like fun!

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