Sunday, December 27, 2015

Let's play a little word game with my cutie pie

Let's play a little guessing game here. Sort of like Jeopardy. These photos all have something in common. I'll give you a clue. The puzzle has three words. Each word begins with letter C and the last word ends with letter S. Begin!
Liam and his mama, Ashley, my first grandchild. He's a smart whippersnapper like she was at this age, and he is just as cute.
You can see by the chocolate drool down his chin he served himself from the plate of cookies behind him and is accepting another one.
Here he is with his Nana, my daughter. When he saw her and her husband coming up the walkway to our house he was ecstatic, yelling, "Nana! Paw-paw!" She babysits him daily. Look at his left hand.
Here he is giggling with Nicole, who indulged him, as everyone else did.
Of course, yes indeedy, his mouth is stuffed with what else? A soft cookie for my sweetie boy.
No, I am not giving him a kiss. I am eating the other half of ANOTHER cookie.
If you haven't guessed the three words by now, I'll tell you.
Count them. 1,2,3,4,5,6. Five that you can see and one that Nicole slipped him.



Sioux said...

Linda--If you give a kid a cookie...

... You get loads of fun and lots of laughter.

Thanks for sharing those pictures. Your daughter, your granddaughters are lovely women and your great grandson is a cutie. It sounds like you've had some great family get-togethers.

Val said...

Sweets for the sweet! I got the word "cookies" but was stumped for the other two. And I only got that one after your hint to look in Liam's hand. I'm not very good at riddles.

Bookie said...

While Liam is cute, his mama is gorgeous gal. Liam's pretty grandma doesn't look old enough to be a grandma...same with great gals sure stay young!

tracboy2 said...


Susan said...

Hi Linda. He sure is a sweetie himself! My goodness, how he is growing up! Hope your holiday was blessed. Except for a wretched head cold,which won't give up, ours was lovely. Susan

K9friend said...

Thankfully all cookies at my house are now gone, because I was eating them just like Liam.

Critter Alley

Connie said...

Haha! Kids and cookies go well together. :) Sweet pictures.