Thursday, April 20, 2017

Kids gone wild

Seems every get together at our house ends up in water play. Usually Paw-Paw is the perpetrator of all things water. But this time, he was not involved. 

The parents don't like it, but oh the memories the kids make when they come for a visit. On Easter when they broke out the squirt guns, there were no holds barred. Nick had the advantage, which ticked off Nicole. Liam was just glad to be included.

Our Bosnian neighbor, who speaks limited English, thought he was helping Liam by giving him the upper hand over the big kids. He called him over and showed him how to use his hose which has a firefighter type nozzle.

He never expected Liam to accidentally turn the stream on him in all his excitement. Later in the day, Liam went over to him, lowered his head, and said, "I sorry."

He didn't tell ME he was sorry for deliberately turning the hose on me a second after I snapped this photo. There was lots of rollicking laughter and fun by spectators as well as participants.

 Amazing what a dollar can do to make a little boy so happy. He bought a bag of balloons, and asked me to inflate them one at a time. He was surprised when I tied them all together and made a huge balloon bouquet. He tossed them and laughed so hard. He cried real tears when one popped.
 Then he made his own discoveries with Paw-paw's flashlight. "Nana, light shines through my balloons. I made yellow light, blue light, red light. LOOK!"
 He wanted me to fill the rest of his balloons with water, so we took them to the park to share with two little boys there. We ended our day at the playground, then a bath, and I read Bunny Trouble, one of my favorite books about a bunny named Ralph, who would rather play soccer than decorate eggs.

I taught Liam this balloon poem: I had a round balloon, almost as big as the moon. It floated so high into the air, then suddenly POP (clap hands) it wasn't there.

I asked him to think of as many things as he could up in the sky that might have popped the balloon.

He replied: a bee, a fly, a flea, a helicopter, a cloud, an airplane, a red bird. This kid is a thinker!

When I taught preschoolers, I always prompted my students for three answers: What? What else? and think of one more thing? If you have a little one, try this activity. What can fly? hop? is green? etc.
What makes ME so happy? This little happy-faced boy. He was missing his mommy. He said he loves her soft hair, squishy face, and the ways she tickles his back. Now that is love times three!

I am back to writing and submitting. Warm, sunny days make me WANT to write. I am inspired by sights, smells, and sounds, memories, and doughnuts. I submitted a serious poem with innuendo to a doughnut-themed collection. Now that's a stretch. Also wrote about wind turbines. I am diverse and prolific. How about you? Has spring fever infused you with renewed energy?


Connie said...

So much fun! Look like a blast. Liam is such a cutie and has such a happy smile. :)

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--I am finishing up my Spring Break, and have done more writing this week than I have in a long time.

I guess the President does NOT have to be informed of this alien problem of yours... yet. However, I'm keeping tabs on his activities.

Liam, Nicholas and of course Nicole--all incredibly cute (even though Nicholas probably would cringe at being called "cute").

Bookie said...

You obviously are a fun family at times!!!
Wind turbine? What inspired you about this?

Janet, said...

Fun post. Loved your list of inspirations. Good luck on your submissions.

Val said...

The hose helper looks surprised!

I've been in a writing slump, but the weather HAS almost inspired me when I leave my dark basement lair long enough to get a 44 oz Diet Coke.

Mary Horner said...

Looks like you had a fun Easter! And I always loved a good water fight when the weather warmed up. And I'm going to think about three answers when I ask my students questions. thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

Liam is adorable!

Pat Wahler said...

What a cutie he is!