Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words...or DOLLARS

Saturday we celebrated two lives.

Paw-paw Bill is celebrating a milestone birthday, and baby Alex was introduced to all of his relatives.

Naturally the women and little girls hovered over the four-day-old baby. One little six year old girl (like an adopted granddaughter) held him, and whispered in awe, "Go get my mom! Go get my dad! Go get everyone. I can't believe this!" It was such a thrill to see everyone having such a fun time. We have a small ranch house, and our living room (furniture and floor) was covered with mostly big kids sprawled wall to wall... and as you can see, Liam's popsicle sticks.

Kyle who is 24 let all the little kids climb on his back when he was on the floor. What a good sport.

 George, 20 years old, is home from his college internship at University of Alabama and will be heading back to New York for his junior year at Vassar.

He has always loved babies, ever since he was a baby. Just look at the joy on his face as he held Alex for the first time.

Nicholas, 16, our la cross champ, insists on wearing his hair in this "flow" style like the  professional players. I think it looks pretty cool. Parents don't always agree with grandparents. Nick is a softie for babies, too. Just something about these big guys bonding with their newest cousin that touches my heart.

But THIS is the picture that brings me to tears.

 Ashley texted me this photo and said, "I am so in love with him, I think my heart will break."

And speaking of breaks... I'd really rather not tell you about what broke my heart on Tuesday evening. My daughter pulled onto the parking pad behind my car in our drive way. She left adequate space between our cars. We waited for the phone call which we knew would be coming any moment. At 6:00 p.m. Ashley called and said, "The doctor said you have one hour to make it here before I deliver."

We rushed out to MY car, buckled Liam into his car seat. I started the engine, threw the car in reverse floored it, and plowed right into my daughter's MUSTANG! My car is much worse than hers. 

Talk about a Keystone Cops episode! I will certainly have a story for Alex when he's older.


Val said...

Looks like Baby Alex has everyone wrapped around his tiny little finger. Especially big brother Liam. Happy Birthday to Paw-Paw Bill.

Sorry about your fender-cracker. Remember when they used to bend, and could be hammered out? A couple weeks ago, when Hick was gone to Oklahoma, I was preoccupied with feeding the cats when I entered the garage, and varied from my routine. I started up T-Hoe, put him in gear, and glanced at the mirror just in time to take my foot off the gas. I had not opened the garage door. That catastrophe was narrowly avoided.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Maybe you can make a pictorial math problem for the future Alex...

A picture of you + a picture of baby Alex = a banged up car.

Kim Lehnhoff said...

My friend did that to my car when she was backing out of her garage for a doctor's appointment. No biggie to me, but she was crushed (like my bumper).

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

There's something so awe inspiring about newborn babies! And Alex is certainly a cutie. Liam looks so proud and happy. :) That little darling just melts my heart. What a wonderful big brother he will be. Alex is one lucky little guy.

Alice said...

Congratulations to all! The fender-bender episode will grow funnier with time and soon Great grandmother will have been going over a hundred miles an hour, so excited to meet the new love of her life.

Connie said...

Wonderful pictures that mark this memorable occasion! What a joy to welcome a new member to the family. Sorry about the car accident. Happy birthday to your husband.

Pat Wahler said...

Oopsie! Well, stuff happens, but I'm curious to know what Liam had to say about it.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Cars can be fixed, but babies ready to come into the world rarely wait.

Susan said...

Oh my goodness, Grammie. You were sooooo excited that you forgot to look behind you. Sounds like something I'd be capable of doing. So sorry. Susan