Sunday, January 14, 2018

I had a dream

Time and Setting 

A shotgun style (straight through) house with four wider-than-usual rooms. October 31st.

Scene 1

Bill and I were sitting across the room from one another in the second room. The house had lots of people at our Halloween festivities. Bill and I were waiting for Trick or Treaters.

Someone shouted, "Lock the door! He's on the porch."

I barreled to the door, and just as I was hitting the lock, Donald Trump greeted me and pushed open the door. He encouraged Barron, who was about eight years old, to go inside and get candy. Bill jumped up to accommodate. I walked away  giving him the LOOK!

DT told Barron he deserved MORE candy than that, so Bill loaded them both up. The kid with candy, and DT with booze. 

DT sat beside Bill on a sofa and kept glancing across the room at me trying to figure out what I was doing. I was frustrated trying to figure out how to take a picture of him on my cell phone to send to the Secret Service to show them he had escaped them, but I kept taking selfies. His head wobbled; he was drunk as a monkey.

Scene 2

Barron, who had been working on a CARS poster, came into the room. DT realized he had to get him home. I was so relieved as he staggered out our door. Bill and I mingled with our guests.

Scene 3

Festivities were going on in our home, and a tall butler in a suit was serving drinks. All of a sudden Donald Trump stumbles back in and sits down thisclose to Bill on the couch. Bill listened to his drunken nonsense until I couldn't take anymore.

Scene 4

I walked into the third room which was a bedroom with a bathroom to the right. A bigger than king size bed took up the entire room. I was heading toward the bathroom when the butler entered holding a  round tray filled with empty glasses. He said, "Wait a minute. Let me set these glasses down." He set them on the bed, then he sat down on the foot of the bed and reached out for me. 
"Come here."

I was in awe when I realized it was Barrack Obama laughing uproariously. I said, "You are such a gentleman, so smart and kind, and proud compared..."

He grabbed me and pulled me toward him. "Tell me, how is Bill handling that fool in the other room?" he laughed from deep within.

"Indulging him, but I'm barely tolerating him."

I woke up laughing hysterically.



Kim Lehnhoff said...

OMG, turn off the news! Read a book, or make mud pies, or alphabetize your canned goods - anything but watching the news! I understand the craziness that has impacted your sleep and dreams, as it's had a similar effect on me.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--If only Bill could keep him occupied for the next three years...

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Oh, the horror! DT in your home! How could you stand it? I would have slipped a little poison into his drink. But .... he supposedly does not drink. Which makes his actions a lot harder to explain!

Trisha Faye said...

When you really dream!
No wonder you're such a good writer.

Val said...

Heh, heh! Sometimes a dream is just a dream, and pretty straightforward! Love the details.

I have a dream dictionary that is usually pretty on-target for things I never knew I was trying to work out subconsciously. Not that I think you need it, of course! It's just fun to look up some odd dreams, and then realize, "Oh, no wonder I dreamed about that!"

Dream Dictionary: An A-to-Z Guide to Understanding Your Unconscious Mind Mass Market Paperback – January 29, 2002

Susan said...

Oh my goodness, Linda, that was, indeed, quite a dream. I'd say you've been keeping quite a tab on politics lately. hee hee Susan

Karen Lange said...

What a dream indeed. Perhaps you'd better seek out a new hobby or two! Hope you and your gang are doing well in the new year.

Connie said...

Hahaha! The first part sounds like a nightmare to me!