Monday, November 12, 2018

SPARK... an idea that could lead to future publication

An image can spark an idea, a story, or a poem. Sometimes when I try to write I hit a dead end. When I merely write what I observe along the way, I sometimes spark a poem, essay or story.

Tropical sunrise tripped my trigger and made my heart ping. 

Florida sunset made me swoon but was gone too soon. Rained the next three days.

 We went on an enjoyable cruise with Bob and Peggy, a couple we have traveled with before. I enjoyed the Caribbean blast furnace heat. I would rather be hot than cold. But winter does not listen to me. Two inches of snow possibly today. I am trading one white (sand) for another (snow.)
I left behind my footprints, saw a few ocean critters, and took home memories to get me through winter. My honey has been in therapy for a sore leg so he sat, and I waddled a few worries away.
On the long drive home from New Orleans, I wrote random thoughts about things I observed along the way.

Brittle leaves line dancing across the black top.

Weathered row boat, wintering bottom up on a stump, in a cluster of barren trees, oars clinging to wooden ribs.

Spring growth will hide that little boat like a squealer in the witness protection program.

Empty dandelion colored bucket gaping on its side. Wire handle anxious for an encounter.

Flattened Mountain Dew case tossed and battered by hyped up winds.

Half dozen discarded quart plastic oil containers piled in a ditch, life blood for someone's jalopy.

My new scarf worn on Halloween night, transforming me into a butterfly. (my blog photo)

Your turn! Look around, out a window, or at the sky. Write a creative sentence or two about what you see. Will you share?


Pat Wahler said...

Sounds like you had a lovely vacation. The snow is welcoming you back! :-)

Val said...

Great pictures! The sun is beautiful, but I'm more impressed with you balancing that big ol' boat on your head. And now I will submit my homework, with images from this morning:

Older gentleman, so chipper and chivalrous, motioning me ahead into the elevator he'd summoned. I'm not worthy.

The pint of slaw, promising and sweet, like the memories of one who has passed.

Metal backscratcher, boasting flakes of skin, proclaiming a job well done.

A call from the past, snow day phone tree, reminds me of when I WAS somebody.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Snowflakes blowing sideways as they attempt to get the most mileage out of their fall.

A dusting of snow that makes the dirty spots on the ground look clean... at least for a moment.

I'm glad you had fun in the sun.

Susan said...

Hi Linda. So happy you got away and had fun.

"Between seasons. Amber glass on the kitchen window sills sparkles in the late afternoon sun, casting honey-colored light everywhere. Displaying it is always the first sign of autumn around here. Two clay turkeys look out from the kitchen rack, awaiting Thanksgiving. On the far right corner of the counter stands a little Christmas tree, decorated in advance of that happy season. Life, despite its challenges, disappointments, and sorrows, is so, so good." Susan

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Love your poetic lines, Linda. Here's my offering:

Purple fountain grass dancing in the breeze, swaying in time with the song of Mama's wind chimes.

Connie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation. You created some wonderful images. Here is the view out my window today.

Clouds: big, dark, and heavy lumbered across the sky--a herd of grey elephants weary from a long trek and trumpeting thunder.