Sunday, January 13, 2019

Go, snow! or, Read my red flip flops.

I'm sure you've heard by now St. Louis bore the brunt of a 12 inch snowfall. One foot! Deeper for other parts of Missouri, up to 18 inches. 

Keep the cute boots. I prefer summer, with my feet in flip flops or sandals. 

There were over 900 accidents on Friday into Saturday, and sadly, four fatalities. 

My daughter and granddaughter traveled the treacherous roads. Their normal travel time from work to home is about half an hour. It took my daughter four hours. I prayed them home.

Our roads and highways were gridlocked. Semi trucks were stranded overnight on Interstate 44. Our four lane street was bumper to bumper, and even on flat ground, tires were spinning and cars were sliding. Snow plows could not keep up with the snow falling at an inch an hour.

We stayed in our jammies all day Saturday and watched a great family movie on Amazon or Netflix, called Wonder. It should be mandatory viewing in all schools.

Snow used to mean I made a mad dash to the bakery and devoured a few donuts over the course of being house bound. Not this time. Pasta with fresh spinach, ONE Oreo thin and TWO chocolate chip thin cookies. I'm going to show that doctor I can get my cholesterol down in three months. I am determined.

I babysat butterball Charlie on Wednesday. He reminds me of a baby doll I used to have.

On Saturday Mommy and Daddy bundled him in his baby blue snow suit.

Liam was ready to dive into the deep snow as soon as he woke up and looked outside.

Alex was like the little kid in the Christmas Story, so bundled up he couldn't walk. But he could wail!

They all built a snowman and enjoyed this white fluff. Saturday they received more snow....enough to bury the snowman's bottom half.

I'll enjoy this snow when it has returned to its former form: all liquid.


Sandi said...

The snuggle is real. Oh!!! Precious. :)

I am sorry to hear about all the wrecks and stuck trucks. We thought we might get some of the snow here too, but ended up with a lot of rain instead.

Love the red flip flops! And I think they are totally the right footwear for this weather! Ha ha... ;-)

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Your bright red sandals in the snow is a great image. It visually shows where your heart is, and what's your reality.

I saw on the news that some people were stuck in their cars, overnight, for nine or more hours. Police had to come along the highway and wake up motorists. And all that snow fell on Friday. Why couldn't it have happened on Sunday night (asked the school teacher hoping for a snow day)?

Val said...

Still snowing here this morning. We had about 8 inches, I think. Hick said he sure doesn't miss having to go out in a snowstorm for work. He said it right after he came home from going out for breakfast on Saturday.

Connie said...

Charlie is such a cutie. Sorry to hear you are having struggles with the snow. We usually get the bad weather, but we only have a little snow on the ground this time--maybe an inch. It is so scary when the roads are bad and icy like that. I'm a much bigger fan of sandals than I am of boots too. Hope you get a warming trend there soon.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Finally stopped snowing here. My car is buried and the truck refuses to even start. We are eating strange food combinations. We got nearly 2 feet after all was said and done. My camp worker is out there right now (10 at night) with the bobcat clearing the path for all of our tenants. Normally HeWho would do it, but our camp workers all feel sorry for the old man and he embraces the sympathy with open arms! There are two strange cars in my parking lot. I am a little stir crazy. Never been house bound with a man who could not escape. I'll trade you babysitting if you will take him off my hands for a bit!

jabblog said...

Now that is snow! We have nervous breakdowns if we have an overnight fall of snow of one inch and everything shuts down - the trains don't run, the schools shut, people are urged, 'Do not travel unless your journey is absolutely necessary' . . . I hope the liquid returns soon, but not in too great volumes.

Janet, said...

We were supposed to get snow - but it kind of fizzled out. Good luck with getting your cholesterol down. We are on cholesterol meds, but my number seems to stay above 200. After my last visit to the doctor, I started eating better, walking every day, cutting out sweets and losing 12 pounds---but my number still stayed above 200. I guess its in my genes.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

So I'm sitting here coveting your red sandals. lol

The weather has been truly frightful in your neck of the woods and elsewhere. Happy your family stayed safe. A friend called Sunday afternoon complaining of the below-freezing temperatures in Atlanta. He asked what our weather is like, and my husband and I felt guilty saying, "Well, uh...we're sitting in our beach chairs right now, toes in the sand, so..." I really do love Florida. lol