Monday, August 5, 2019

Give yourself permission to make a word mess.

What do you do when what you've been doing isn't doing it for you? You try something new.

Charlie, who just turned one, has been teething and slobbering without much success. His two bottom teeth erupted a few weeks ago, but since then, no matter what teething ring or toy he chewed on, he could not cut those top teeth, and he's been miserable.

Sometimes the unconventional is the answer. I peeled a fat carrot, rubbed syrup (yes I did) on the end, and Charlie gnawed on that thing off and on all day, seeking that sweet taste. Today he has a new bottom tooth and a brand new top pearly white is shining.

If you are stuck on your writing, try a new approach. Use only key words and write an incomplete sentence. Add another sentence, and another and then read that paragraph, as is. Now take a look and see how you can develop it.  

Fat gnarly crunchy carrot gnaw gripe quit do it again.

Sometimes making a word mess can lead to success. 

Charlie is as chubby as the carrot he's been gnawing on. Generally he's as sweet as the syrup I just dipped it in. He griped when that hard veggie hit his sore gums, he yanked it out of his mouth and quit! But he put it back in and sucked, seeking that syrup. Many times he gave up and tossed that chunk onto the floor. Many times I lightly reloaded the tip. By nightfall, Charlie cut two new teeth, one top and one on the bottom. Success at last. 

Wishing you much success in your writing today and also in whatever you do.



Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--I am going to try that. I'd love carrots if they were dipped in syrup. ;)

Seriously, the strategies you use with your great grandkids, and your perspective, serve you well--in life and specifically with your writing.

DUTA said...

Charlie looks adorable with the carrot in his mouth!
What can I say? You've got the tactics and the strategy of an army general:)

Val said...

You are a sly one, and have earned the title of "The Tooth Whisperer."

Connie said...

Aw, poor little guy. Glad you found a solution that worked for him. You are always so creative!

Jennifer Brown Banks said...

I love how you presented this, Lin. Great connections.

jabblog said...

You are a wise woman and Charlie is adorable. Our own Charlie is 4 years old today and starting school in September. Our Fergus is also starting school then and he will be 5 shortly after. Somehow, they catch up . . .