Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Oh yes, you can!

Sasee Magazine out of South Carolina is a wonderful women's lifestyle magazine. Won't you take a look at the informative articles and personal essays? Mine can be found at this link.

 Happy New Year 2020
Cautionary note: always write the year out in full as in 1/1/2020 instead of 1/1/20, because someone could amend the date on a document to 1/1/2016. Something to think about.

Now take a look at Sassy Boy, who covets every chair Bill sits in and resists being moved. When Bill is in his desk chair, this cat perches on the back of it.  He watched with interest as I cleaned my desk. 

The piles will pile up again. I will find notes jotted down and deadlines missed, but I will diligently work to achieve my goal of writing and submitting five to seven pieces per month. In 2019 I sent off 90 submissions. Some may wonder if it is even worth it, because the publication rate is low. I say listen to your heart. Do it for the love of writing if you are a writer. Don't be discouraged.
Make time to read this year. Liam is having fun discovering the world of reading. He loves kindergarten. He whines when I ask him to read, but then he gets very excited when he discovers he CAN read fluently. He writes notes all the time. I hope he will be a writer some day.

Get in gear and zoom to the finish line. Take pride in your work. You may have to tweak it a time or two to get the momentum going, to achieve the desired outcome.
 Rewriting is part of the writing process. Don't get discouraged. Charlie tried repeatedly to get the motor running. He was delighted when I gave the car a shake-shake-shake. He felt the thrill of success. Hope you do, too in 2020. 

Who knows? YOUR name may be on a book this year as AUTHOR. Alex was amazed to realize he was wearing his Thomas shirt and was climbing on Thomas the tank Engine. Make connections! Cerebral and physical. Lend a helping hand, your expertise, or support to other struggling artists. All successful writers were once beginners. Don't quit!
My daughter gave me this four generation photo from almost fifty years ago. She was six months old, and I had high hopes and magnificent dreams for her... as my mother did for me, and her mother for her. We all walked our own paths and brought our unique voices and gifts to this world.

This treasured photo speaks to me. I can almost hear the deafening noise level from those times my mom and five aunts gathered at Grandma's and everyone talked at once. I feel the mother-daughter love which makes me shed a tear of happiness. Oh the pride of each of us possessed for our offspring.

We all have gifts and we all work on our own timeline. 

Don't squander your talents or let them lie dormant. 

If your mantra is, "I do not have time," realize you have the same 24 hours that everyone else has.

Spend a few moments on yourself and your writing. 

Words are powerful and have a long reach.

My son and all our grandchildren mean the world to me. I have been richly blessed.

Head off into 2020 and make some memories.


Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--I have a treasured 4 generation photo, too. Your grands are certainly grand--and so handsome.

Thanks for the link. I left a comment. (Don't let Bill read it. ;)

Pat Wahler said...

Looking at a fresh new year is always exciting!

DUTA said...

"All's well that ends well" as seen in your well-written story about the car accident (Sasee magazine).
Your three cute little grandsons are growing into capable young boys who fill your life with pride and wonder.
Happy New Calendaric Year!

Cathy C. Hall said...

I'm always uplifted by your spirit, Linda. You love writing and it's evident in every word. Best to you and all your subs in 2020, friend! Can't wait to hear where they land!

Val said...

Great advice and great pictures. I'm amazed at the positions cats find comfortable.

Connie said...

Congratulations on having another piece accepted by Sasee! These photos are all wonderful. Isn't it amazing how many memories are evoked by photographs? Wishing you all good things in the New Year!

Unknown said...
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