Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart~William Wordsworth

Writing personal essay is akin to running naked through the streets.
You peel the layers and expose stark images; it is difficult to bare
one's soul. Here is an excerpt from my essay, Sailing Stormy Seas,
published in Releasing Times, November 2006; Julie Gallagher,
editor & publisher

The women in my family have always stood their ground, ruled their roost and shaped the next generation like a proud admiral with his sailors' best interests at heart. My emotional ship is one of a family fleet headed by women who enjoy the challenges of maneuvering through choppy seas. Outside observers would consider us intelligent, educated, confident, strong-willed, opinionated go-getters...

When I consciously decided to head for shore, I discovered that getting a handle on a situation is different from controlling an individual, and unbridled freedom of expression impacts future generations. I am still exercising my freedom -to quietly drift or head to harbor when life's difficult moments prove to be uncontrollable. When caught in the sea of chaos, I now listen with the intent to hear and understand. I don't have to retort; I just listen. I'm finished sailing choppy seas. I like this dry dock feeling.
Linda O'connell

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