Monday, March 23, 2009

Three Websites I Follow, C. Hope Clark's website has a wealth of information and is my favorite writer's site. Check out A Cup of Comfort, Colleen Sell's web page for an exciting call out from a major magazine. Thin Threads, Kiwi Publishing is an anthology website. If you can write an engaging true story in about 1,000 words, and you follow the guidelines at Chicken Soup for the Soul,you can select from numeorus titles for their books in development. Click on, Submit a Story, and read the pull down list. Seems like everybody is looking for the same topics. Write on!

Becky, Tammy, Theresa and I did a Chicken Soup for the Soul book signing at Border's in Edwardsville, IL. yesterday. I think our giggling attracts more prospective customers than the posted advertisements for our events.

Had a delightful time with Nicole, my 17 month old granddaughter yesterday. She likes wearing my jewelry and watch when I come for a visit. Her eyes widened at the sight of my sparkly blue crystal necklace and earrings. I said, "It's blue." She said, "Bwoo." Made my day! I also made hers when I fastened it around her neck and let her wear it. She strutted her stuff.

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