Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Celebrate the moments of your life

I look at Nicole, granddaughter #2, so thrilled with the balloons from her cousin's bridal shower, and I can't help but be overwhelmed with love and nostalgia and sadness for granddaughter #1. Ashley will be married in a few weeks. How can she possibly be twenty-two and a half years old? Seems only yesterday that she was four years old, like Nicole.

I imagine each balloon filled with whispered wishes and dreams. I know for a fact that sometimes wishes go unfullfilled, and dreams can easily escape in a whispered rush, a slow leak, a droopy letdown. I wish both of "Nana's girls" a lifetime of happiness and dreams come true.

I wish all of you success in getting published in one of these two publications advertised in Funds for Writers, by Hope Clark, author of Low Country Bribe, an exciting mystery, now available!

We are thrilled to announce that all contributors of Slice
will be paid ($100 for stories and essays and $50 for poems)
beginning with issue 12, which will launch spring 2013. The
issue 12 reading period will run from July 1 - August 31.
The theme for that issue is "Obsession." Slice magazine
welcomes submissions for short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.
We're looking for anyone with a fresh voice and a compelling
story to share--basically any work that really knocks our socks

GOOD HOUSEKEEPINGhttp://www.goodhousekeeping.com/about/good-housekeeping-contributors-guidelines---
Good Housekeeping addresses 25 million women. Most are married
with children (anywhere from newborn to college age, but
predominantly in the 6-12 age group) and work outside the home.
Submissions will be reviewed for the Blessings column on the back
page. Submissions should be 500 words, about a person or event that
proved to be a blessing in your life. We will also review health
narratives -- stories of women (or a family member) who've overcome
a significant medical problem, undergone a medical "first" or had
a dramatic rescue.


Val said...

Thanks for the info. I certainly have some obsessions that I might share. But Good Housekeeping is not my strong point.

BECKY said...

Oh Linda, I know how you feel! I'm still getting over my youngest son, Mark, being in Grad School! "I don't remember growing older. When did they? Sunrise, sunset..." Pardon my daydreaming and singing...LOL
And thanks for the info about the two magazines!

Sioux Roslawski said...

You are missing the boat. Nicole could be in commercials, she is such a doll.

You could quit teaching, and become a pushy stage grandmother. Or better yet, since Bill is already retired, HE could be Nicole's manager and "handler." I can see him now: using a curling iron to touch up Nicole's hair, applying the false eyelashes to her eyes, gluing sequins onto her fake fingernails...Pitch the idea to him (and he'll probably pitch a fit).

Yes, it's amazing how our kids and grandkids grow up. And amazingly, WE stay just as slim and supple as we were 30 years ago.

Susan said...

Hello Linda.

Nicole is darling. I can feel your nostalgia. Time flies by so fast it can take our breath away. Where does it go?

Take care and have a winsome Wednesday! Susan

Bookie said...

Nicole looks more like you all the time! Thanks for writing ops. Have a good Hump Day ahead!

Southhamsdarling said...

Beautiful photo of Nicole and I really can see a resemblance to you there! I don't like how the years go flying past so quickly I must admit. Congratulations to Ashley on her forthcoming wedding, and I hope that she and her new husband will both be very happy together.

Claudia Moser said...

Nicole looks so happy, such a lovely picture to share!

Debra Mayhew said...

Thanks for sharing the adorable picture of your granddaughter (what a sweetie!) and the market information. Your blog is full of great stuff!

Chatty Crone said...

Your grandddaughter Nicole is beautiful - have you been trying to get in touch with me? sandie

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