Monday, March 12, 2012


The news is out! St. Louis writers, Linda O’Connell and Dianna Graveman are working independently on two Publishing Syndicate anthologies in the Not Your Mother’s Book series. Linda is developing and seeking sassy, snappy, serious or humorous submissions for Not Your Mother’s Book…On Family.

Local author and owner of 2 Rivers Communications & Design, Dianna Graveman, is seeking first-person funny, insightful, or downright embarrassing submissions for Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being a Mom.

Dianna and Linda will collaborate on the promotion of both titles, and you are welcome to submit to both. Please submit the stories online via the online form only.

Possible Chapter Headings for Not Your Mother's Book...On Family (subject to change):
1. I'm No Chicken! (wild antics)
2. I'm Telling! You're in Trouble! (zany things you overheard, participated in or witnessed)
3. Dinner, down and dirty (stirring the pot, dishing it out, family mealtime)
4. Forget the closet! (discovering family skeletons in a drawer, under a mattress, in a letter)
5. I inherited what? (keepsakes, antiques, and quirks)
6. Waiting in line for the john, the jam and the juice (sharing cramped spaces, clothes)
7. Ringleaders (your family circus guru, leader of your pack)
8. Family reunions (unforgettable in so many ways; the missing link)

Submissions form and guidelines for story submissions can be found here:
NOTE: If you don’t have a story that fits one of our two books, please check out the other great titles that are in need of stories!

From the Publishing Syndicate site about Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being a Mom:
While we’re looking for stories about the side of motherhood most of us have experienced or seen first hand, we would love to read stories about the side that most of us don’t talk about because it’s too embarrassing or silly! No need to explain: you know what we’re talking about. Now write about it!

Possible Chapter Headings for Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being a Mom (subject to change):
1. Challenge Accepted (getting the news, announcing to family)
2. New Parent Jitters (silly fears, bath time mishaps, babysitter debacles)
3. Call of the Wild (terrible twos, troublesome threes…)
4. OMG, How Embarrassing! (times when you’ve embarrassed your kids in public…or they’ve embarrassed you!)
5. If Everybody Else Jumped Off a Bridge… (Not under MY roof, mister!)
6. You Can’t Scare Me; I’m a Mom (mealtime mishaps, carpool catastrophes, clothing disputes and malfunctions, soccer mom disasters)
7. Birds Do It… (having “the talk,” noticing the opposite gender, beginning to date)
8. You Did WHAT? (testing the limits, parent-teacher conferences, teen shenanigans)
9. Driving Mom Crazy (teaching your teen to drive, getting the license, when your teen borrows—and dents—Mom’s or Dad’s car
10. Parting Words (helping your child prepare for college, first apartment, marriage

Ken and Dahlynn McKowen, owners of Publishing Syndicate, also produce a free monthly writing/publishing tips e-newsletter—The Wow Principles. With more than 2,000writers already subscribed, the e-newsletter has helped many to realize their dreams of becoming a published writer. There are also 70+ back issues available and topics range from travel writing to basic grammar rules to e-books to book-signing etiquette. Here’s the link:


Sioux Roslawski said...

I am busily digging up stuff to submit. Congratulations, Linda and Dianna!

Val said...

I wonder if Sioux is tossing her dirt this way. My digging is not progressing as quickly as I had hoped.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

So excited for you, Linda! Congratulations again!

BECKY said...

I left a comment of Congrats on here either earlier today, or yesterday, but I don't see it now. Sounds like a couple of great books!

Pat Wahler said...

Congrats, Linda. Sounds like an exciting and fun project!

Critter Alley

Debra Mayhew said...

I'm so excited for you, Linda! This is great news! I'm hoping to send in a submission soon. I hear you're getting lots of them!

Southhamsdarling said...

Congratulations to the both of you. I hope you receive all the submissions you need. You are certainly one busy lady!

Dorothy said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea to me. I have a great 'birds do it' story. Might have to peruse the guidelines and see if Aussies are allowed to submit.
Dotti ;)

sandy said...

Hi, Linda

Becky sent me! ;) This looks great and I'd love to submit something...I'm interested but totally inexperienced...I'm going to Google some of your work of luck on this project