Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ho-Ho-Ho Santa Knows

The gymnasium was filled with parents, grandparents and family members. My students sang, recited poems and performed a play. As you can see, my little miss had a part in the play.
This is one half of my class, the other half is on the other side of the stage. The three year olds were in the front row and you should have seen them rock the imaginary Baby Jesus like he was on a thrill ride as they sang at the top of their lungs, "Go Tell It on the Mountain. Go tell about the baaaaaaaaaabbbbyyyy."
Don't be misled by this innocent look. When the children were asked if they'd all been nice, they nodded. When asked if anyone had been naughty, Nicole saw Nicholas in the front row, pointed  and shouted, "My brudder!" It was impromptu and she stole the show. Ten year old Nick looked stricken.
Nothing like a children's pageant to make my holiday.
My most memorable school program was when hubby played Santa and came prancing towards the children with the front of his coat tail tucked into his belt and his pants gaping open...thank goodness he was wearing jeans under them. I whispered in his ear, "Santa, XYZ" (examine your zipper) and he sang into the microphone,  "A-B-C-D-E-F-G" and so I had to belly up against him and tug on his suit.
Thirty-seven years of children's programs, and I can't get enough!  
Come back tomorrow, I will post my holiday PG rated poem.


Kim said...

With elves of that caliber, Santa has it easy!

Love the enthusiasm - great pic!

Karen Guccione-Englert said...

This time of the year is the best, isn't it? I love the Christmas concerts, the parties, the kids' letters to Santa. As a teacher and a parent, I look forward to this time the most. I love the kids honest enthusiasm, their excitement, and love of life! Merry Christmas Linda!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Such sweet little faces, I miss that so much! When my kids were grade school age I was the children's choir director at our church. We did The One and Only Original Christmas Factory. It was so much fun. I was blessed with some very talented adults to help and it was a wonderful production. All caught on a VHS tape that one of my not so sweet children taped over with epiusodes of The A-Team. No one will fess up or point fingers, but I know who did it. I am like Santa, I know everything!

Claudia Moser said...

Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays :)

Joanne Noragon said...

My brudder!

Oh, dear. Probably deserved, but how embarassing!

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Val said...

They're so TINY! Hick plays Santa every year for the Parents as Teachers program at my old school. He's on his second Santa suit now. He goes out and buys a bunch of trinkets so everybody gets a gift. Hick is a right jolly old coot.

Susan Sundwall said...

Kids and Christmas. A divine combo. Great post, Linda.

Susan said...

Oh, Linda, that sounded great. I would have LOVED to have seen those babies rocking the baby!

It looked absolutely wonderful. Susan p.s. Thanks for all your visits and comments to my blog, too. Love it when you stop by. MERRY CHRISTMAS, LINDA!

Daisy said...

Cute pictures! Those pageants are always so much fun. You never know what is going to happen. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Janet Smart said...

I love school Christmas programs! My kids aren't little any more and I miss them so much. Sounds like you all put on a good one! Merry Christmas Linda!

K9friend said...

Awww, so sweet!

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