Sunday, March 17, 2013

That magnetic look

I have always known that the seat of the soul is in the eyes. I can usually tell a liar by the look in his or her eye and I am good at reading sincere expression. I'm also an expert at spotting crazies; that is why in passing, I may glance and nod at a stranger, but I usually avoid looking anyone in the eyes for longer than five seconds. I learned way back when I was in college that doing so indicates interest in the other person. It doesn't have to be a flirtatious come hither look, but lengthy eye contact is an open invitation to engage.

This weekend I was at a thrift store where I got some good deals. I smiled at the husky, young man behind the counter at the register. He glared at me and said, "I wish I could put my fingers in my ears."

I kicked myself for smiling and thought, "Oh boy! Here we go."

The piped in music was a mix of top forty songs. He said between clenched teeth, "I hate this song."
I fiddled in my purse and refused to look at him. He didn't read my signal. He continued, "I was homeless and sleeping in my car once when this guy came up to the window and woke me up. I almost killed him. Killed him. I hate this song."

I paid for my purchases and scooted out of that store.

Maybe there was something in my eyes that the young girl who sat next to me in the show saw. "I'm going to go get some popcorn. Would you watch my purse?" She scooted out of the aisle and I looked around to see if Betty White and her Off Their Rockers cast were nearby. Nope, just two crazies in my life this weekend. This was before the green beer started flowing.


Sioux said...

As far as the movie incident, I think it is an "age thing" (sorry for using that horrible word).

I think most young people look at someone 50 or 60 and think we're harmless...and honest.

Val said...

In the classroom, I've found that the kids who look me in the eye during classwork, BEFORE something happens, are up to something, and the ones who avoid my gaze AFTER something happens are the guilty ones.

Mevely317 said...

I agree, either one of those "engagements" would be unsettling.
Sounds as if you've a good radar system there, Linda. Isn't it a fine line we have to watch anymore?

Stay safe out there!

Joanne Noragon said...

I've told a young lady to keep her purse about her. I would have been outa the thrift store right on your heels.

Bookie said...

I usually have crazies stories but nothing lately. Rain and cold here today...yuck.

Mary Horner said...

You just never know what's going to happen next, or who you will meet. Keeps life interesting (but scary, sometimes, too!)

K9friend said...

I agree with Sioux. Old and harmless. Guess that's me, too. Little do they know...bwaahahahaha

Critter Alley

Debora said...

I'm just guessing that the young man has not yet completed his training on 'customer service.' And I think it would've been pretty funny if you'd have moved that gal's purse and hid somewhere to watch. She shouldn't be so naïve! In a past life I worked in a children's store. Mom's used to let there young-uns run crazy. One little darling hid beneath the clothes rack while mom searched for a good 20 minutes. Yep, I knew he was there...but she needed a 'little wakeup call'. I wouldn't do that to someone who actually tried to keep an eye on their kid, but she was notorious for letting the help watch them.
I dunno where I'm going with this...oh well, keep looking away!

Daisy said...

Oh yes, I've had a few encounters with odd folks too. It takes all kinds to make the world go around, I guess. I agree about seeing someone's soul in their eyes. I feel like I can tell a lot about a person by the expression in their eyes. Sometimes it is quite scary what you can see in someone's eyes.