Sunday, April 14, 2013

How do YOU explain the unexplainable?

I believe that there are forces at work in all of our lives if we are open and receptive. Today at rehearsal I was talking with some of the phenomenal women in the cast of Listen to Your Mother St. Louis of which I am a part. This is a live performance of women (across the nation) reading their personal essays on motherhood.
We were in the hall informally discussing spirituality and connectedness. We are all different ages, yet we all had experienced the "me too moments" that matter in life.
I told them how I'd received a gift and acknowledgement from my mom after she'd passed away. I asked her to kiss my son's unborn baby girl on her tummy if she saw her in heaven. Nicole was born with a birthmark on her little tummy in the shape of a kiss. No, I do not believe it was a coincidence.
One of the women who had previously had a near-death experience and had gone into cardiac arrest  assured us, "We are surrounded at all times. I know! We just can't see or hear our loved ones."
I nodded. I SORT of believe that in my heart. I so WANT to believe that in my head. I needed concrete proof.
When I got into my car to go home, I cranked the volume on my CD player because I had been listening to the Oldies and bee-bopping as I drove to rehearsal. I intended to pick up mid-song, right where I left off, but I got the surprise of my life. Instead of the old time rock and roll song resuming, I heard an instrumental that took my breath. 

I listened in disbelief to a piano rendition of The Old Rugged Cross, my late grandmother's favorite hymn. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I sat in the empty parking garage, my heart pounding, seeking a logical explanation. I have NEVER played CD #2 before, EVER. Had no idea what it was other than a holiday gift from a former student's parents three years ago. I had shoved into one of the six slots of the car's CD player and never played it, completely forgot about it.
I surmised that the #1 CD completed its run through and switched to CD #2. Well, that's the only LOGICAL explanation, but if you are a believer as I am, we both know that my grandma and mom were sending me a message that they are proud of me for being part of this inspirational performance on MOTHERHOOD. This I know for sure. I felt their presence in a way I cannot explain.

Question: when I turned my car off in the middle of the song ... shouldn't it have resumed at the point where it left off, not switched to a new CD? Some things cannot be explained.

I cried happy tears all the way home. How do you explain it?


Mevely317 said...

You've no idea how I needed to read this, Linda.
... Spilling some happy tears of my own over here!

Val said...

When I turn my car off, the radio or CD will play for 10 minutes. Then all power shuts down. However, once I open the driver's side door, it shuts down immediately.

If you quit hearing your be-bopping song when you turned off the key, I would assume that THE MUSIC HAD STOPPED AT THAT POINT.

No coincidences.

Sioux said...

Linda--You are surrounded by people--both living and dead--who support you and encourage you and celebrate with you.

Just listen to our whispers and our cheers. Just feel our fingertips brushing your shoulder.

Congratulations again. I can't wait.

Kim said...

I'm sorry I missed that conversation. I feel my dad near me, whispering "Don't worry so much" - the last thing he said to me before he died.

Bobby Smith said...

I call these happenings, heavenly gifts. The warmth and encouragement that comes with these unexplainable events, convinces me even more...that our loved ones never leave us. They send us messages of love & guidance, if we are aware enough to receive the message. What a lovely gift!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous story, Linda. I can so relate! I'll send you the story about my Mom soon. There is nothing like feeling you have received a feel warm all over, and hugged by God. I think that says it for me...hugged by God. Love you! And so happy for you and all of your achievements!

Cathy C. Hall said...

I'm not sure how your CD player works--mine actually does work like that: turn the car off, music shuts off. Turn car on, song picks up where it left off.

But I don't think it matters. What matters is what you felt when you heard that song, what YOU believe.

And P.S. I sort of believe it was a message, too. ;-)

Debora said...

Trying to explain things of spirit only tends to,diminish them. Best to accept them with joy.

Susan Sundwall said...

Linda, How powerful! After a heartfelt conversation with a stranger on an airplane a few years ago his parting words to me were,"If you only knew Who walked beside you." And, boy, do I believe it. Bless you, woman.

Claire Applewhite said...

Hi Linda,

I lost my mother 13 years ago and I still think about the morning she passed.I asked her to let me know that she was okay. A couple of days passed and a delivery truck arrived.I opened a package to find a nest with a robin, Mom's favorite bird,in the center, surrounded by tiny pink roses. The attached card read, "I made it."

Daisy said...

Wonderful, amazing stories. I believe you were being sent messages of love too. You made me smile with this post.

K9friend said...

Love that story, Linda. I'd file it away to take out and marvel over whenever your heart needs refreshment.

Critter Alley

Susan said...

Wow, Linda. We don't always get tangible proof from the other side of life but you sure did. That was an amazing story.

Congratulations on being included in the special upcoming event! Susan

Lynn said...

When we ask, we get the answer but not all of us are open enough to hear/see the answer, but you sure did!

Beth M. Wood said...

Goosebumps! What a wonderful story. I so believe it, too. Be thankful your heart and mind are open to seeing/hearing your loved ones messages.

Diane W said...

Tell me. When is this live performance? I so want to be there. Even though we don't see each other often you have had a profound influence on my life.

I'm about ready to go public with a new diagnosis. (Not exactly the thing I've been dying to write about. :-) But I'm at peace and am in good shape, other than physically... and life becomes more interesting and fun every day.

See you when you least expect.