Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's going to be a rough ride

(This was supposed to be posted last evening, but no computer because we were basement dwellers when tornadoes started skipping around town. Three touch downs did some real property damage nearby. We are safe and sound, though.)
Anyone who crosses me in the next two days may have a story of their own to tell. I admit it, I am a junkie and I am having major withdrawal symptoms. I wake about 5:00 and go right for my stash of pretzel crisps, those flat little salty munchies dipped in dark chocolate. I make myself a hot flavored tea and delight in my four little chocolate morsels, as I peruse social media.

I've been on a light diet since Monday: a slice of white bread, a scrambled egg and one chicken nugget, two glazed donuts, white soda and a mug of broth. From here on out it's liquids only. I am having a routine colonoscopy.
We went to the pharmacy to fill the prescription but my insurance card would not work. The pharmacist called the insurance company. They said the card was not active. After one hour and fifteen minutes of phone tag with MY cell phone in the pharmacist's ear for half an hour, they finally resolved the computer glitch.
While we waited seventy-five minutes, we observed all sorts of customers, some more interesting than others.

WHY was that middle age woman wearing a pretty, orange eyelet blouse and slacks with enormous, waffle stomper brogands? Was she a factory worker? A brawler? A clown?
The elderly lady wearing the lime green, open weave sweater was either experiencing Youth Part ll, or she was a former show girl, as she was showing a little too much.

The man with the moon pie shaped face was obviously on Prednisone, and I said a prayer for him.
The store manager, with his big nose high in the air and a superior attitude over his employees, was three feet out of range of my foot or I'd have tripped him and brought him down a notch or two.

The little four year old boy who sassed his mama, then saw me watching him with my "teacher look", refused to look at me when he walked by and kept his head down.
The mother who came in with two sick children was much nicer than I would have been if the pharmacist had told me, "We don't have these THREE in stock, but I can order them and have them by tomorrow."

The kids were sick NOW. I can remember being a young mom with ill children. I could only imagine that poor mother's rough night ahead. I'd have demanded the pharmacy order on the spot from another of the chain's pharmacies.

I almost lost it when my prescription was filled and they stated the amount. $90 for a plastic jug and a packet of sludge removal granules ... with a packet of aspartame! to add to the jug (for flavor?). 

I dare say, the pharmaceutical industry has us by the hiney. 


Sioux said...

$90 for a jug of some liquid that you're merely "borrowing"--that's highway robbery.

K9friend said...

And they say we don't need health care reform! I couldn't agree with you more, having just filled a prescription or two of my own.

Good luck with your procedure. Prep's no fun, but once they put you in la-la land, it's easy peasy!

Critter Alley

Joanne Noragon said...

I used to stop misbehaving children with a look, too. I didn't know it was the "teacher look." If they also burst into tears I would add "Tell your mother what you did."

Bookie said...

This is one adventure I am not envious of!!!! Hearing bad things about tornado...glad you are safe.

Daisy said...

I'm glad to hear you made it through the storms safely. Good luck with your procedure. I had that done not too long ago. I hope all goes well for you.

Tammy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your (and some of the other customers') experience, but it sure made for a great blog post. And all the best to you throughout your procedure and the prep involved. It is literally $90 down the drain, and at such a rapid pace. Urk.

Merlesworld said...

We don't get those sort of storms here but we do get cyclones and they cause a lot of damage but are few and far between in Sydney mainly up north.
I wish I could do the teacher look sometimes, some kids today can really throw a good tant when they don't get their own way, they are more spoilt these days
Good luck with your medical problem hope all is well soon.

Val said...

Good to hear there was no wind beneath your wings last night. And that your stink-eye is still potent.

Susan said...

Oh Linda. Good luck. That prep is a real "wash out." (hee hee) That's the worst part of that procedure. But it's better to prevent than lament.

Tornados? Oh my GOSH. Glad you are safe and ready for the procedure.

Good luck! Susan

Lynn said...

Poor baby... good luck with your expensive filtering.

Susan Sundwall said...

And think of your poor toilet. Ugh. I used Miralax (about ten bucks) and white grape juice to clean me out for the procedure. What on earth did you have to get that was so pricey???