Friday, July 26, 2013

This is no laughing matter

There is something wrong with me. It's not just the little things I forget, such as what I went into the closet for. Today my actions had my husband ready to commit me.

We went to lunch. I unwrapped the linen napkin and placed my silverware on the table.  I answered my cell phone "message received" and excitedly babbled on and on about my final acceptance notification from Chicken Soup Just Us Girls book.

Then, I went to take a bite of my food and got all flustered.

"Are you messing with me?"

He looked surprised as he shoveled a forkful into his mouth. "Nuuhnnn."

"You are! Aren't you? You saw me sit here and unwrap my silverware. Here's my knife and spoon...YOU took my fork!"

He never cracked a smile or uttered a word, just kept his eye trained on me as he ate.

"Just give me my fork. I need to eat this before it gets cold. If you didn't take it where is it?"

I finally saw it, the tines were buried in a huge scoop of the cheesiest macaroni and cheese in town, next to my tilapia and spinach. I HATE when that happens.

He never took his eyes off me as I blushed as crimson as my napkin.

"Uhmm, no, I didn't take your fork," he said as he wiped his mouth with his napkin.

It's that dry humor of his that makes him. We laughed all the way home.


Val said...

Utensil envy.

Sioux Roslawski said...

He should have said, "Fork you."

Joanne Noragon said...

The last place you look. He merely looked there long before you looked.

Friko said...

So, did you eat the macaroni? Pretending you’d meant to do so all along?

Susan Sundwall said...

Linda,Linda. To be accused out in the open like that - an innocent man. And yet he hangs in there. Amazing. Giggling.

Susan said...

Oh Linda. That was a "cheesy" story.

Sioux's comment cracked me up.

Bill better bring along chop sticks when he goes out to eat with you!

Have a super weekend, my friend. Susan

Bookie said...

Writers have this kind of challenge daily, I think. At least older writers do! It is because our minds are in the present, past and future all at once. We are here but we are also on page somewhere in our minds!

I just submitted something I had to the Friendship Day link. Had to hustle as it closes on Monday. So I reworked a poem a little that I had on hand. Might be a stretch...but it is sent out to test the waters anyway.

Tammy said...

And yet you laugh about it rather than get into a food fight. That's love.

Lynn said...

No doubt that will be story in some book somewhere!!! HA.

Connie said...

Ha! It's always the last place you look when you lose something. ;)

Unknown said...

So glad you were able to laugh about it. He's a keeper. lol