Monday, October 21, 2013

Flapping in the breeze

Every day as I drive home from work, I am reminded of an event that happened many years ago, before cell phones, when people were less apt to shoot a stranger who banged on their door and asked to use the phone. My mom was with me in the car as I was driving down the highway. When my car stalled, I pulled to the shoulder and wondered what to do.

Only one thing TO do. I had to get to the nearest house and call my (then) husband. Mom, a nervous Nellie always expecting the worse, told me to be careful as I traipsed through the weeds to the chain link eight foot fence. She jinxed me.

Mind you, I was a lot skinnier then and could heft myself up and over with little difficulty. I managed to get myself up, and as I was coming down on the other side, I got hung up. Literally hung UP on the fence. The leg hole of my shorts got caught, and there I was in a state of suspended animation. I flailed, twisted, and eventually shook myself loose. I banged on the first door and was able to make that phone call, thank goodness.

I drive past that house every single day, and in my mind, I can still visualize myself flapping in the breeze.

I am so busy co creating Not Your Mother's Book...On Family, but as soon as I get an extra minute, I want to tell you all about the Columbia, MO writer's conference. Please come back tomorrow. I will post a picture. Thank you for the congratulations.



River said...

'What are you doing up there?'
"Oh, just hanging around".

Glad you got down safely.
One of these days, I'll search out the other "not your mother's book" stories. Are they only available online or would my library have them?

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Since I have heard you at workshops, I know your session was jam-packed full of information and helpful hints.

If you called your (now) husband--would he rescue you or leave you to flap in the breeze for a while? Inquiring minds want to know...

Connie said...

Ha! Sounds like quite an event! Glad to hear you were able to free yourself and make that phone call. :)

Susan said...

Oh gosh, Linda. I think I would have been petrified to scale that fence. I'd be afraid of a dog coming out and gnawing at my ankle (or worse.)

Glad you made it to the phone!

Yes, tell us about the conference when you have time! Susan

Tammy said...

I too am glad no dogs got you as you scaled or flapped. Looking forward to hearing about the conference.

Val said...

This reminds me of the episode of the Ellen show when Ellen and Paige tried to escape a spa to find real food, and got stuck hanging on a metal fence. At least you didn't have a frenemy hanging beside you, trying to engage you in a slap-fight.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Oh, Linda, so funny! These days most folks would be afraid to knock on a stranger's door.

Anonymous said...

I think about the phone thing all the time when it comes to being out on the roads, and also how it relates to raising teenagers. It's true that some technology is a blessing some of the time, and those times make the rest of the technology annoyances bearable.