Monday, October 28, 2013

Sharing the podium

If you could see my piled-high desk, my schedule, my correspondences, the looming deadlines, the family birthday schedule, our disheveled bed...and I always make my bed.

I apologize for not posting about the Columbia, MO Writer's Conference, The Write Direction. The week completely got away from me.

Linda Fisher is the editor of Well Versed, Columbia Writer's Guild anthology currently seeking submissions. Her smile lights up a room, sorry for the cliche` but it's true. Although she is an internet buddy, hugging her was like hugging an old friend. Thanks to Linda and Larry Allen, President of CWG.

Dianna Graveman and I co-presented on the topic of personal essays for anthologies. Dianna has the expertise; she knows the ins and outs, complexities, legalities. I am amazed at her stamina; she is a goal-oriented powerhouse of knowledge. She has her own business, Additionally she is a partner in Tree House Publishing Group.

Our presentations complement one another. She says I rouse the crowd and she brings them down with the business realities. But that is not the case at all. As proof, after our presentation attendees called us names: inspirational, motivational, helpful.

Lunch was delicious. We were unable to attend all of the wonderful workshops, but we did attend Larry Wood's presentation. He talked about publishing short, historical nonfiction. I've never considered  researching locals and pitching a story to a regional editor.
You'd better be able to write-tight in order to complete an essay in 500-1,000 words. But if you can do it, you can often sell it. Think of a colorful character from your area, and narrow your focus to one crises or event, then after doing your research, do a write up, revise, and find a market. Your pitch should be concise, so the editor gets a feel of time, place, who, what, why and where.
I encourage you to head in the "Write Direction."



Sioux Roslawski said...

The conference sounds like it was a great one. And hopefully--soon-- your desk will be cleared and your bed will not be piled high with stuff and you can relax a little...

Donna Volkenannt said...

The Write Direction Conference is always a good one. I've had the pleasure of attending a workshop you and Dianna gave at SLWG and it was informative and inspirational.

River said...

A colourful character from my area??
Ha Ha. I've lived here just over two years and barely know my neighbours.
There is one who wears extremely colourful clothing....I couldn't write a thing.
But I admire those who do.

Anonymous said...

Hi LInda, Rhode Island is rife with colorful characters...maybe I will try that. Thanks for the advice and I'm glad you had a good time.

noexcuses said...

Thanks for the info, updates and the invitation to write. My bed is usually covered with papers, as well! I will get to work right away!

Connie said...

It sounds like the conference was a good one! It also sounds like you've been keeping really busy.

Pat Wahler said...

Sorry I missed this one.

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