Thursday, November 7, 2013

Three pies, a dozen brownies, five do the math


What would we do without our women friends? My writing critique group, the WWWPs is the absolute best, and I feel blessed.

This is my opening for my story:

Wild Women Wielding Pens, page 303

We haven't been BFFs since kindergarten, and the only thing we had in common when we met was a desire to write and publish our work. Our girlhoods are thirty to fifty years in our pasts, but the five of us will always be girls at heart.

We have collectively mopped our foreheads and mouths as we have sweated out an essay, dealt with an ex-husband, had a hot flash, shared personal details, or devoured delectable cuisine.

Lest you think my story is only about writing, you will have to read on to find out the gossip I dished on each of my friends. We got caught on a "nanny cam" while on "retreat."

This book is available now. Please leave a review on Amazon if you liked it.

Last night was our critique meeting. We celebrated one of our birthdays with the best and funniest gifts and most delicious desserts. Sioux attempted to make the birthday girl's favorite, a coconut cream pie. According to her, by morning the pie filling still hadn't set up. Instead of forks we'd have been sucking it through straws, she said. She figured in six days it may set, so she left it in her fridge. She stopped for a Marie Callendar coconut cream pie on her way home from work. Funny though, her dear, thoughtful husband stopped by the bakery when he discovered her pie hadn't gelled, and he bought another coconut cream pie. That was three coconut pies!

Sioux had to panic stop while driving, and the bakery pie slid like a kid on Art Hill on a snowy day. It lodged under her seat. She imagined whipped cream and coconut smeared all over the lid.

She apologized. "I don't know what condition this coconut cream pie is going to be in after that panic stop." She opened the lid, looked inside, frowned and shouted, "What the... APPLE pie?!"

We laughed every time we thought about it. Sioux outdid herself; she brought brownies, too. See what I mean about women and friendship? Nothing...nobody stopped us from sampling all the desserts. Yes, all!


Sioux said...

Linda--As usual, you tell a story with wit and sass.

(And I'm so grateful for your friendship...)

Bookie said...

The pie story is a hoot...sounds like our pizza last night. Congrats on yet another book. You St. Louis area gals are on a real roll! Hope it keeps going for you all!

Susan said...

Oh, great news about the book, Linda. You are prolific! The writing group sounds fabulous. I'd love to be in a group like that. The pies sounded good, too! Susan

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like girl friends

River said...

Mmmm, pies...just this morning I was thinking about making brownies.
Sounds like the perfect group of friends.

Bobby Barbara Smith said...

Sounds like a perfectly pielicious time. Nothing better than girlfriends & dessert!

Shelly said...

Now this started my morning off with a smile. Congratulations, and thank you!

BECKY said...

Arrrgggg! I just left a long comment, and Blogger ate it! This has happened about three times in the past couple of days. It's not going to steal my comments anymore...I learned (but obviously forgot) back when this happened all the time, to copy and paste my comments in Word, just in case....Ok..I'll try to rewrite it: Funny story! This reminds me of the movie, “Michael”, with John Travolta as an angel. Andie MacDowell’s character writes and sings a song about how much she loves pie! LOL “Pie, pie, me oh my…” I’m glad you’re in such a great group, Linda. We women certainly need our girlfriends. And congrats on another CS story!!

Theresa Sanders said...

Sounds like the food and fun were overflowing! Congrats to all who are in this book -- can't wait to read all the wonderful stories. And the pie story is hilarious! Sounds like another great CS story to me :)

Sheree Nielsen said...


Daisy said...

Hahaha! That story made me laugh. I bet you all had a wonderful time. The book sounds like a winner. :)

Tammy said...

Wonderful story, Linda. I think we're all blessed, and not just with dessert items.

Val said...

Pie, pie, the magical fruit...the more you eat, the more you hoot. Wait. I think I messed that up. Congrats on your Chicken Soup inclusion. Gosh! This must be your second or third one...heh,heh.

K9friend said...

Congrats on the new CS title, Linda! Hey, what's not to like about multiple dessert items?

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