Friday, May 23, 2014

The boy rises to the occasion, has seven kills!

Last evening 17 year old, 6'2" grandson, George's volley ball team qualified for the State Championship! This is a big thing for him, the school and the team. Tonight, they will play for 1st or 2nd place. That gymnasium will have standing room only. The noise will be deafening, the boys will be sweating profusely, and we will be there!

We arrived an hour early last night because someone I know very well got the time confused. We climbed to the top of the bleachers. No small chore for aching knees. Then he decided the referee would be standing in his view and he wouldn't have full court advantage. Give me a break! So, down that wobbly set of bleachers we climbed, and moved across the room. I hobbled back up to the top again.

In walked classmates, cheerleaders, students, and the team straggled in...a few at a time. The bus to transport the team never arrived, so the varsity team had to pile into cars and drive themselves and others across town to the game. Dressed in their finest! Their tiny little coach, a new mom, was dressed in heels and a dress. What an impression they made. Soon the team headed to the locker room to suit up.

We looked across the room, and what to our wondering eyes should appear but a gigantic picture of a head on a stick. It was at least three foot high and easily recognizable because of the receding hairline (genetics) and the facial expression. Our boy! The star player on the team. He can spike that ball like no one else. Soon we saw other "heads" bobbing. The game was intense, point for point right up until the end.

George Diehl (pronounced deal) was interviewed by a journalist for the newspaper and also a T.V. sports reporter. We waited for the 10 p.m. news, for our boy's fifteen seconds of fame, and wouldn't you know it?! The guy blew it when he proclaimed, "GREG DIAL made seven kills."

College info keeps pouring in. In his REAL name. The latest from Harvard. This kid is going places.

Tonight should be a blast! I'll keep you posted. 


Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--I hope your buttons don't blind Bill as they pop off in a burst of pride. (However, if Bill WAS blind, perhaps he could use a braille clock, and perhaps could get the time right next time?)

What a kid! What an outstanding young man.

(By the way, I mentioned you in my latest post.)

Tammy said...

Congratulations to George Diehl! Raising good kids is tough. You deserve to be proud.

Shelly said...

Despite the mispronounced name, what a time of glory for him! Congratulations!

noexcuses said...

My son also played high school and club volleyball. It is a thrilling game to watch, especially when it's your kid out there. I know the game will be exciting and I pray the outcome is a happy one! Good Luck to George no matter what!

BECKY said...

What channel was he on, Linda? I didn't see it! I'll look online, I guess! Best of luck to George and his team! I know how proud and excited you are!!

Lynn said...

YAY for GEORGE! Wishing them all the best!

Connie said...

Well, I'm quite late at commenting, but congratulations to George! Hope you had fun and his team did well. :)

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Big congrats to George! He has quite a future in store for him! Sorry his name was mispronounced. When my hubby and I married the priest introduced us as "Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carbo." lol And the hotel had us listed as Mr. and Mrs. Clavo. It is never-ending.