Thursday, December 4, 2014

I was no cream puff!

Some of my best memories take me back many years and involve whipped cream. Not that tub of fake stuff, but the squirt-in-your-mouth can of delight.

I love whipped cream! Every time I munch a mini √©clair, I am reminded of my beloved grandma who used to come visit my mom while I was at school. She'd bring me a chocolate frosted whipped cream puff as an after school snack. Still one of my favorite treats and fondest memories.

I have another whipped cream story, rather personal, but shh! don't tell anyone else. I am not proud of my behavior, and I admit, I wasn't always a cream puff.

I was MUCH younger, single, and dating the proverbial bad boy who owned a bar. After watching his shenanigans all evening, I told him I needed a can of whipped cream. He smiled wickedly as his imagination ran wild. He handed it to me. I smiled, waved goodbye, and headed to his house.

He was amazed (and amused) at my handiwork. I used that aerosol can to print my sentiments all over his yard in ten inch high whipped cream letters: (X) is a jerk!

That's about the only one I can share here.  Sure was a creative outlet for my anger, though.

Here is a three ingredient, whipped cream cookie recipe:

one box cake mix
one egg
one tub cool whip

Drop by spoonful into powdered sugar and bake 12 minutes at 350 degrees.

Have you tried these? I'm waiting to hear YOUR reviews. I'm afraid to make them. I'd probably bite into one and laugh hysterically. Then, I'd have to explain myself.

You let me know if these are good. Will you?


Bookie said...

Haven't tried them but they sound interesting. Cooking here is hard with kitchen torn up, but cooking has become such a challenge here anyway! Diabetis, Crohn's Disease, Gluten Free, and plain old calories sure take the fun out of food!

Merlesworld said...

I just like cream of any sort but dislike milk, I never figured that out.

Val said...

Sounds so simple that even a Val could do it. The cookies, of course.

Connie said...

Whipped cream messages as anger management--haha! That's a new one on me. The cookies sound super easy and good. I love whipped cream too--on sundaes, on pies, on fruit--yum!