Saturday, March 21, 2015

Got my motor running

Spring has arrived. The daffodils are blowing in the breeze. Throw rugs are sweet smelling and drip drying on the back yard fence.

I am energized. The sun warms my body, mind, soul. I feel like a flower unfurling.

After a long winter of grazing and crawling between two fuzzy blankets practically at sundown, I am in a frenzy of awakening. I have stripped the bed, put on soft cotton sheets, and am cooking a crockpot of veggies and chicken. I want to move and groove, eat less, walk more.

In three hours I have tweaked and submitted three old, unpublished Chicken Soup for the Soul stories for their large selection of new book titles. I wrote a new story on Wednesday and apologized to my critique group for not polishing it beforehand. I had seriously considered scrapping it, because I took a different approach in writing about The Spirit of America than most people would. I really questioned myself.

My critique group the WWWPs uplifted me with praise and good suggestions. I am blessed with good friends, good weather and the gift of writing.

Now I am going to sit outdoors and read.

Has spring sprung where you live?  


Sioux said...

Linda--You are sooo deserving of some wonderful Spring weather. I hope you find some smooth sailing in the weeks ahead...

Val said...

Yes, it has sprung, and the gravel roads are momentarily dry.

Susan said...

Hi Linda...

Well, spring is trying to spring but the cold temps and winds are still with us. Sun is out bright, though, so that's one hopeful sign.

Thanks for all your visits. Love them.

Glad to hear you are submitting stories! Susan

Tammy said...

I was kind of proud I've been doing some cleaning, but WOW. I wish I had that much energy at any time of year!