Monday, October 26, 2015

Publication Opportunity

Here in Missouri, the trees are decked out in their finest. It is the last week of October and we are finally feeling fall temperatures. It will be in the 60s this week instead of  the mid 80s.
We drove to the country about 45 minutes away to visit granddaughter, Ashley and family. As we turned down her road we were taken aback by two of the most beautifully shaped fall trees in all their splendor. We were so enamored with them, we passed her house, had to turn around and backtrack. We laughed at ourselves when we realized these trees are on their front lawn.
Dusk was falling, so the hillside was not illuminated and does not look as colorful in this photo as it did earlier when we came upon the lake with a lone cow, its movements a fluid reflection.
We headed home into the sunset, after a delicious meal and delightful family time.
As we pulled into our driveway, I was in awe as the colors blended and swirled. I am very thankful for my eyesight. It truly is nature's gifts which make me happiest. And although I dread winter, autumn makes me feel so at peace and grateful for my many blessings.
At this time of year, my usual restlessness gives way to slowing: my respirations, my urge to go-go-go. I cocoon under kitty-soft fleece, snug in the heart of our comfortable home. Iced drinks are replaced by mugs of warm beverages. The front door is open, and through the glass storm door I watch the dance of birds, flutter of leaves, scampering of chipmunks and tag-playing squirrels. Across the road, a hawk soars into the farmers' fallow fields seeking a meal. I feel the need to spread fertilizer on paper and perhaps grow a poem. Maybe you will want to also. Be sure to add a SASE.

Ideals Publications 
2630 Elm Hill Poke, Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37214



Susan said...

Enjoyed that post, Linda. This bittersweet time touches our hearts and souls, don't you think? All the incredible beauty will give way to skeleton branches against dark skies. But, in the meantime, we rejoice in the immense glory of it all. Susan

Bookie said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely day. The colors this fall are beautiful everywhere! However, I note that the leaves are beginning to fall already and I feel the days are numbered!!! Here we started a cold morning with no furnace and hubby needing to go to Urgent Care. Now the day seems to be getting into step as evening comes on and we hope tomorrow starts better. Days like this rob me of enjoying the all to brief time to enjoy thes season! Thanks for op...I got an Ideals last February to consider for a market...that is where it ended. You remind me to get back to it again!

Anonymous said...

Linda your tree scenery are beautiful. I love Fall.

Val said...

Beautiful! We have some trees around here that absolutely glow. Not in my yard, of course.

Connie said...

Gorgeous fall leaves and amazing sunset. Nature's beauty really does show off in this season.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Lovely post. Autumn is my favorite time of year---colors, scents, temperature---everything appeals to me. Our colors weren't as vibrant this year as usual, and we didn't make it up to the mountains for the peak, unfortunately. You posted some beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. :)

Lynn said...

Pretty pictures. Also loved the Halloween costumes!

Pat Wahler said...

I'm sure you'll create a wonderful poem. Good luck, Linda!

Critter Alley

Tammy said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful words. This post IS a poem.