Sunday, October 25, 2015

Who's trickin' and who's treatin' ?

We are invited to an after Halloween costume party. Still debating what we will wear. But these are my favorites. Halloween used to be my favorite fun holiday. We used to win costume contests. Lately we are more into what the grandkids will be wearing. I'm thinking it's our time to howl again.

Do you have big plans this Halloween? Will you be tricking OR treating? We have never had a trick-or treater in 20 years, because we live on a main street. Do you have lots of visitors?


Bookie said...

No, not many visitors and don't encourage much. Often just go out to eat with friends for the evening. The bigger kids got to where they were rough on our porch and we huge plate glass windows we were afraid someone would get pushed through. Halloween used to be a favorite but now I just love the autumn and Thanksgiving...alreayd have a couple of turkeys sitting out, ready for the season of just being grateful for everything.

Anonymous said...

You are good sports I tell you. Nice H. Costumes.

We are having the children off street be allowed to come in the common area of the apt and we elderly give out the goodies.

The gals today have bagged up 83 bags and 40 bags of potato chips.

I plan to be the picture taker.

This is my first time in the building only been here 6 weeks living.

Gradually getting my way around.

I joined an exercise class at the other apt and we get picked up. Liking that.

I am going to do some art coming up from another art teacher soon.

Went to Bingo last night but was a little busy for my eye having the one eye
Maculin Degenerate.

So perhaps next year I will do what you two are doing. Halloween.

Be prepared for the new Halloween of the 2015 though.

Totally different then you had 20 years ago or Me.

It is really spooky Halloween.

The directors here. Have the witch blowing out on the side of building in front like she is stuck up against it and sound affects of her heckling.

And this is a senior home. Inside another witch.
So I suppose the others will have wired scary costumes.

Let you know later.

Merlesworld said...

One year we had a visitor or two, it's not to popular here but catching on.

Val said...

Nice costumes! My husband once dressed up in overalls with a mask, and straw sticking out of his shirt sleeves and collar. He sat in a law chair next to a bowl of candy. When kids leaned over to get some, he reached for them. Lots of screams! That was when we lived in separate townhouses in an apartment complex, before we were married.

Now that we live on a gravel road, rarely a trick-or-treater. One surprised us one year, early in the evening, before we took our boys to town to visit relatives. My son Genius ran to find me. "WHAT can I give him?" We improvised with a mini bag of Cheetos from lunches, and some candy out of a bucket that was gathered at the Labor Day Parade.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Oh, I love your costumes. We usually have a chili/soup cook off here. I didn't do it last year because I was visiting my dad, thinking his time was short. This year I just don't have the right frame of mind for all the planning. Some days I walk around crying.
My all time favorite costume idea was for a couple of Hershey bars. The wife went with nuts, her husband without.

Sioux Roslawski said...

We usually get a few trick-or-treaters (each year the number dwindles more). I've gone with the granddaughter before (lots of fun), but plan to just pass out stuff this year.

You two are really a cute pair. I'm sure that whatever you plan to do, it'll be fun.

Anonymous said...

Both look beautiful in the Halloween costume. Have fun!

Southhamsdarling said...

Love the Halloween costumes. We don't have any trick or treaters either, as there are no houses around us. Last Halloween I was in Green Bay and loved to see all the gardens decorated for the holiday. I was amazed at the number of little ones that called to the house. Nearly all the little girls were in their Frozen dresses!

Connie said...

We don't have trick-or-treaters where we live now. We had a lot where we used to live. You two look cute in your costumes.

Pat Wahler said...

What cute costumes! I think you should kick up your heels and come up with an amazing new look for Halloween.

Critter Alley

Tammy said...

I feel guilty that I'm abandoning our trick-or-treaters this year for a party. It seems your cleverness knows no bounds. Your costumes are adorable!