Saturday, December 10, 2016

SNOW much fun at our house

Come on in for a visit.

# 1.   I have a love affair with snowmen at this time of year. I was thrilled beyond words when I spied this brand new snowman cookie jar from Kohl's still in its packaging for $3.00 at the Goodwill Store.
I already had the mugs. The tall cup is my coffee cup and the mug with a hat/lid is for my yummy peach or blueberry tea or hot chocolate. The cookie jar is filled with chocolate chip cookies, and the plastic ware is filled with yummy peanut butter cookies I baked early this morning.

#2. These are my very favorite snow people, a gift from my son and daughter-in-law years ago.

# 3.  That tall dude was made by my dude many-many years ago and has sentimental value.

 # 4. This snow family is animated but not my favorite. Their noses are Pinochio-size.

# 5. These stuffed puffs make me smile, remind me of happy days when the kids were little.

# 6.  This thrift store discovery appealed to me because they look like they're hand carved sculptures.

# 7.  If you look closely you'll notice a wooden, jointed moose sitting on the bench. It was a gift from my dearest, life long, late friend Sheila, who had a summer lake home in New Hampshire where moose roamed. Looking at that guy brings back so many memories. Our last time together, her husband drove us to Moose Alley hoping to see moose. We drove for hours on a deserted highway, but there wasn't a moose to be seen. We pulled into town to go to a restaurant, and an enormous moose came out of the woods, stopped in front of the car and looked right at us. A gift, of course.

# 8. Another grouping that reminds me of when my kids were small and winter was fun.

# 9.   I bought a cloth woven place mat that I think is whimsical, and I framed it. I love it!


 # 10.   Even Santa likes bubble baths. He's animated, kicks his legs, swishes his towel, and sings Splish-Splash I Was Taking a Bath, much to Liam's delight.

Which of these is YOUR favorite?


Val said...

That framed place mat speaks to me, with the jointed-moose grouping coming in second. This is the first time I've seen Santa taking a bath!

jabblog said...

Our Christmas decorations look quite paltry compared to yours - but then our Christmas might be dry, humid, wet, cold, warm. Rarely do we have a white Christmas, particularly in the south of UK. Snow is a rarity in itself, actually. I do like your snowmen, though - what fun.

Sioux Roslawski said...

I like the cookie jar. It's quite jolly. Or perhaps I like it because of its contents... :)

Bookie said...

Love seeing your snowmen. The cookie jar...I have one too, was a gift couple years ago. This year it is center of dining table to set some seasonal mood. No tree and lights etc this year for obvious reasons, but a little snow and red and dash of Christmas will be it this year!

Donna Volkenannt said...

They're all good, but the Santa in the tub made me chuckle.

Susan said...

Darling, darling, darling, one and all. But my fave of all is the new cookie jar. Oh, I would have snatched that one up in a second. Great job, Linda. Your house is sure to be "Snowtacular!" Hug. Susan

Connie said...

I enjoyed seeing all your snowmen. I think I like the cookie jar the best. The story about the moose appearing to tell you hello is wonderful. A gift indeed!

Pat Wahler said...

They're all adorable, but I must admit the framed placemat is the one that really catches my eye. Very pretty!


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Please don't make me choose! I like them all for different reasons. My daughter-in-law is a snowman lover, and I have to rein myself in this time of year so I don't inundate her with so many snow people that she'll start burying them in the back yard. lol