Wednesday, April 26, 2017

When the fish is bigger than YOU

We are fortunate to have so many low-cost or cost-free attractions in St. Louis. On this beautiful spring day, when the temperature climbed higher that 80 degrees, Liam and I spent the morning exploring the Missouri Botanical Gardens for a total of $4.00.  

 This little dinosaur lover and I had so much fun strolling part of the 79 acres of horticultural displays, and we especially liked the Japanese Garden. Liam liked Pioneer village, a children's multi-level fort built into the trees and surroundings.
 He wanted to smell the flowers, and he watched a big bumble bee gather nectar.
 The peonies are gorgeous and blooming. They remind me of a lush peony bush we once had.
 And were we thrilled to be able to count 10 turtles sitting on a log. Then we heard a bull frog "gallump."
 Liam was excited that he could step over the stream, and sit on a rock. He was amazed and shouted, "Nana, I in the middle of the water, and I am not wet!" He was on the lookout for wildlife. Just wait until you see what he saw. Keep scrolling.
 Three years ago when he was still in his mommy's tummy, I almost fell off this platform while taking "maternity pictures," and his daddy had to catch me. Walking there again gave me the willies. I love this pensive pose.
 Before we knew it we were being visited by the koi in the lake. Look at that huge one! We fed them fish food pellets. Liam kept saying, "Here's some more cohn." He thought it was corn kernels. Then he said, "Wow they got big moufs!"
Ducks on top the water, fish in the water. What better way to learn positions?

This little daredevil thinks he can do everything the big kids can. Yes, I was holding my breath. He is determined and was successful. When three school groups came in, we left, much to his chagrin.

Need you really ask if he got wet? Although it was a breezy 70 degrees when we arrived, he could not resist temptation, and within minutes he was scooting through the sprinklers. Good thing I brought TWO changes of clothes for him and his Crocs.

After a picnic lunch we headed home for a nap.


Cathy C. Hall said...

You are indeed fortunate--$4 for all that? And Fearless Liam, too?

Great pics, thanks for sharing, Linda!

Connie said...

Great photos! What a beautiful place to explore. I bet Liam had a wonderful time, and I bet you had an even better time seeing things through his eyes.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Time with Liam .... priceless!

Val said...

I love that picture of the turtles on the log. And the pictures of Liam too, of course!

Bookie said...

Such a fun and beautiful day for both of you! Must have been great to be there. Here is rains...and rains some more. It is now cold too. Crazy weather with 35 degree drop every few days! Thanks for taking us along to your sunshine.

Susan said...

Oh Linda, you and Liam are making such wonderful memories together. He is such a darling little boy. Susan

Pat Wahler said...

What fun on a beautiful day. I enjoyed seeing the sights with you and Liam.


Donna Volkenannt said...

You're right. There are a lot of wonderful things to see and do in St. Louis. I still call the place Shaw's Garden and have fond memories of going there when my grandmother lived on Alfred, right across from the gardens.
Liam is such a cutie. It looks like he was having a blast. I can't believe how quickly he is growing up.

Mary Horner said...

St. Louis does have a lot of activities for kids and adults at very low prices! Looks like you had a great time, and your pictures are priceless. One of my favorite places to take my kids when they were little was Purina Farms in Gray Summit, around Eureka. It was free and they could see animals and play in the barn and we ate outside on the patio and had some lovely afternoons!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

What a fun day for both of you! The nearest Botanical Gardens are over an hour away from me. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Liam is quite an adventurous young man.

Sandi said...

Linda, these photos are just incredible!